Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thinking of Earning From my Baking or Blogging

I woke up this morning with a plan to bake something for the family and have some fun for the Halloween which we don't normally do but something I'm sure my kids will also treasure..  And guess what, I baked, did house chores with my new art stamped nails.   It was already planned, me, my two kids and husband's niece all to go out trick or treating at the Greenbelt Towers, which was an exclusive invite, giving priorities to the tenants and their guests.  But then, the worst thing happened, we have to cancel the event and head to the doctor.    
 Much to my disappointment, I spent a couple of bucks for my nails, even went on a run late last night hoping the nearest nail salon is still open,  with a thought in my mind that if my kids will be dressed in  their favorite costumes, I also have to get a bit made up so I chose a design that's good for the Halloween.

 Well, I have to keep my nails, with the design I love and we have to live with our Trick or Treat Chocolate Chip Cookies for this day, which my kids adore.  
So now I'm back to blogging.   While I was starting out how to write something about the three basic thoughts to keep me away from my disappointment, I bumped into a  blog where the writer said about LinkFromBlog.   Where she had been paid by blogging something for that site.  Link From Blog is about blog advertising and earning from blogging.   Then it hit me.   How can this bloggers lay away time with blogging while they earn form it, and I don't.
"Okay," I said to myself, "I'm done with earning from my baking," (though I can still accept a few orders form friends and relatives)"maybe this time I can grab a few bucks from my site."   Anyway I'm paying for the domain and some additional add-ons from Google. 
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I also remembered someone from Manila Bulletin online site asking me how much I am getting from writing reviews from restaurants or from covering a certain event or if I have advertisements on my site.   My face went blank and I hardly had good things to say about why I am not earning like  the other bloggers.  
So I've decided.   From now on, I will make an effort on making something out of this blog site, and in the process, make others get something from it as well.  So help me God!
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the tenant's and theitr guest.


  1. What?! All this time I thought you were already earning something! Ms. Joy you deserve to earn something from your fantastic blog.

    You better start now. you've got a lot of fans and a strong following. Your reviews are fantastic, not pretentious and very informative.

    And you really have the instinct to choose which is the best place to go to, the best recipes, and the best coffee shops to visit.

    Your nails are pretty. Nice job! And why all of a sudden you had to go to the doctor? I hope everything's ok.

    1. You are so adorable!
      Thank you so much for the nice words, don't know where to begin really...(blushing)
      Well, as a matter of fact, I sometimes get freebies or perks, but not much in the monetary way though.
      I just want to be as honest as I could in my features and reviews, but it took me years and vast needs to consider earning from this madness, which is called blogging!


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