Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What Happened to the Last 17 Years of our Lives?

This happened months ago.   I almost totally forgot about it.  But how could I, the best part of my life was when I was in college.   And so it was after grueling months, even years of planning a get-together, it happened.  It then donned to me that so many years have passed since the last time the three of us, Tricia, Yoj and me have gotten together.  The memory of the cold, misty weekend at Baguio with our friend who passed away, Khaye, have squeezed in to the epithelial ducts of my brain, bringing with it felicitous feelings and also sadness.
Too bad, some of the members of the batch wasn't able to join us.   Hey guys, we're not getting any younger and time will be harder to steel for moments like this.  
So to respond to TC's invitation, and her longing to get a taste of Filipino fusion from the famed Laudico couple, we all met up at the Net Two Building of Bonifacio Global City.   Yoj came from Laguna and Tricia from Katips.
Thus, an afternoon full of stories and reminiscing over a sumptuous lunch at Bistro Filipino by Chef Laudico.
Tricia, though known to our batch as TC (short for Tricia Coralejo) without hesitation ordered the 8 Pica-Pica platter.    Though I thought she will go all out with their Fusion Buffet.   I initially thought of having the same set but declined since I knew that I might not be able to have all that's in the menu, plus a known fact that each item on the menu really come with a pricey tag.   So when she decided to have the Pica-Pica, had to pick something to balance everything or start off with a healthy alternative.  So I went with the All-Organic Salad.

I just had to capture this shot glass with a quail egg inside and atop it is the Sisig Basket.
This crackling ensemble of fried ground pork, mildly flavored with soy sauce and some spices on a cupped wanton wrapper is a winner even in its simplicity.   Okay, also to tell you that it was the only grub on my friends order that I got a try at, and I was so envious why I didn't get the same.
But when the salad came, I told myself I have to be contented with this.  The serving was very hefty, which would serve about 3 to 4 persons per order.
It's actually a smorgasbord of salad greens, peppers, carrots and tomatoes all smothered with their vinaigrette and was sprinkled with organic Malago cheese.
Another one of a kind dining experience was with these flat-bread grilled pizza sandwich.  They have a few selection , Farm Fresh, Malagos Farm Cheeses, Seafood Crab Roe and Karnevorous, Since Yoj was still trimming down some weights, we opted to get Farm Fresh,  a vegetarian rendition of  pizza with cherry tomatoes, malungay basil pesto, grilled vegetables, sofrito, and cheeses.
Of course, we needed to have a try of their signature dishes, and got us Crab Rebosado.   It is beer battered soft shell crabs fried to crisp, served with crunched  vegetables, 3 sauces (shrimp buro, taba ng talangka and coconut curry).  The circular patterns around it are the sauces.
A view form my seat, with the gorgeous chandelier hanging over us
Just too bad we weren't able to sample some of Chef Jackie's famous Patisserie Filipino.  So definitely worth coming back for.
All in all our lunch was top-class, from the restaurant's ambiance, to the service, the intimate space of the venue, the Filipino fusion- gourmet styled dining and to all the secrets foretold by each one of us, no price can match that.
Do check out this blog for more of my Chef Laudico's offerings.

Chef Laudico's Bistro FilipinoThe Fort

G/F Net 2 Bldg, 3rd AveFort Bonifacio, Taguig(02) 856-0634
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  1. Great food + fantastic restaurant + great company of friends = a moment to remember.

    Nice post. It's really heart-warming to share such bounty with friends after all those years. You share the good times and the bad times. You're all survivors and you're all happy to be together again, keeping the bond alive and stronger.

    Cheers to you and your friends!

  2. I love this post joy. We really should go out again. The photos you took are excellent. I really want to come back again to just explore fort bonifacio since there is still lots of places to see. Hope we can hang out soon.


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