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My Teacher, My Hero: NCR Commemorated World Teachers' Day

All across the world, Teacher’s Day celebrations were undertaken to commemorate the teachers for their efforts, last October 5.  By having celebrations on Teachers' Day we convey the message that we care for our teachers.   Celebrating Teachers' Day is recognition of the devotion with which teachers undertake the responsibility of educating a child.

This year’s celebration centers on the theme “My Teacher, My Hero,” and every school in the Philippines were encouraged to recognize this occasion.  Six Thousand (6,000) teachers from NCR  have gathered  for the culminating activity of the Teachers’ Month.

Teacher’s Day is one of the occasion on which teachers are praised.  On this day, school students bring flowers, doodled inspirational pictures, serenaded and danced for their teachers.  Apart from being the day when we give recognition to our teacher’s hard work, this day enables a healthy interaction between students and teachers.   But what was even more surprising was the professionals, even parents, who were once students also made note-worthy remarks for them.
These encouraging tasks were remarkably seen at the Phil. sports Arena last Friday, as NCR Chapters, led by Rizalino D. Rivera, Undersecretary for Regional Operations of the Department of Education, paid tribute to chosen teachers by giving them surprises that made the celebration fun and exciting.
Fifteen divisions of the NCR teachers were represented with an approximately 6,000 teacher attendees from  Caloocan down to Valenzuela which is now a city.
Too many "thank you's" were expressed but never seemed to end, as Rizalino Jose T. Rosales (OIC, Assist. Regional Director of DepEd, NCR) opened up the event with some more supporting words.   The teachers were all hyped up for the event as they came totally prepared for whatever the occasion would call them for-would you believe some even came with chalks, and one came with a bright red pair of socks as if he know that a "Bring Me game" for a red sock will be named (hahaha).
As what U-Sec Lino Rivera said, the purpose of the event is to have the teachers take some time off  from work and enjoy their day with some raffle draws, games and fun time with co-teachers.
Another highlight of the event was the On-the Spot Poster-making Contest for the Teachers.   Above is one entry for the contest, too bad I didn't stuck long enough to see who won this contest.
Here are more snippets from that day's program...
 A round of Kota, a traditional Spanish Dance from Mariano Marcos HS Dance Troupe
 Another traditional dance from chosen students.
 A message to teachers were also heard from Congressman Roman T. Romula, Pasig City
 and his lovely wife, Valenzuela City Councilor Shalani Soledad-Romulo.
 A teacher himself, U-Sec Lino was given an award for his exemplary practices in serving our nation in response to our nation's education needs.
The people behind our teacher's support group, from the left, U-Sec Lino Rivera, Rep. Antonio L. Tinio (Party-list Representative, ACT Teachers),  Dr. Luz S. Almeda (CESO IV, Director Deped-NCR) and Rizalino Jose T. Rosales (OIC, Asst. Regional Director, Deped-NCR).
By 10 am, a prayer was uttered by everyone in the said venue, led by students from Mandaluyong, which was simultaneously done at Limketkai, Cagayan de Oro City, chosen as this year’s venue to highlight the heroism of teachers during the onslaught of Sendong for the World Teachers' Day 2012.
And the best surprise the teachers was given, was the appearance of this debonair who made every teachers' heart skip a beat.  He is the the founder of Yes Pinoy Foundation, who in every effort tries to bridge the gap in building the nation, gaining support from celebrity friends, NGO's, business collaborations, media and the list goes on.  He is nonetheless, Dingdong Dantes.   After giving a statement about his full support to our nation's educators, with some humbling introduction he rendered some local songs, which gave a wave of thrill inside the Phil. Sports Arena.
With these I seized an opportunity to interview him for a personal word for The World Teacher's
Day celebration.   According to him, occasions like this is just right to be celebrated to encourage our teachers more.   I even scored another question about who his favorite teacher is, or who comes to his mind when teachers and education matter.  It was a hard question for him, I guess coming from reputable schools it would indeed be hard.  But with a few thoughts built up in his mind and heart for that matter, he said it is Father Tito Caluag, who was their Head Teacher in Ateneo de Manila University High school department.   A vocal supporter of the K to 12 Program, Fr. Tito Caluag thought him about pursuing one's own passion.  That who he is now, is how he exerted passion in everything he did and does.
Kudos to you Fr. Tito for inspiring one promising nation-builder representing our nation's youth!
 Indeed, that was one good summary to all these, who else can exert that much passion in something not only worthwhile but life-changing.   Our teachers!  Thus, we seized the day for all of them...(I wonder what would be in store for them in the next year's celebration)

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