Friday, October 26, 2012

Getting Some Sweets at the Candy Corner Carnival

No, I never grew up eating jelly beans, but some time in my past I thought I was brought up to consume tons of it...hehehe.   Yaiks, even a stroll down memory lane couldn't bring me as far as the days when I had first touched my tongue to the tarty, sugar-mealy endless sweet sensation brought about by eating a number of different-colored jelly beans.

Then this hit me, “You can tell a lot about a fellow's character by his way of eating jellybeans. ” Hahaha, it's a quote from Ronald Reagan, who had been a US president.
Have you seen me eating Jelly Bellies? I guess by now you are judging me.

Look at how my daughter had succeeded in winning Daddy's approval for all of us to go to this once in a lifetime sugary experience.   OK!  I'm truly exaggerating...    Do you know how it is to have eaten candies, I mean lots of it.
When you eat candy, the refined sugar in the candy enters the bloodstream very quickly, giving the body an immediate energy rush. Although this blood sugar spike makes you feel energized at first, the energy is short-lived and your blood sugar will crash shortly afterward. When the body feels an energy crash caused by a drop in blood sugar, you will begin to crave another quick pick-me-up, such as sugary candy.
Sugar rush for short!

So to break the news, my two girls and I have to be witnesses to Candy Corner's open event at The Powerplant Mall, at Rockwell.   It started today, October 26 and will be there till the 29th.   The fun begins when the mall opens at 11 am and the carnival host announces it to close at 9:30 pm.   The Candy Corner Carnival is a candy buffet for everyone who loves candies and carnivals.   However to make the event more exciting, they have set up rules making it organized and encouraging to the mall goers.  How can you not notice the stripes white and red splashed around on tents, poles and fences, makes you think a carnival is onsite.

“If you want to grow up to be a big, strong pea, you have to eat your candy," Papa Pea would say.”
― Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Little Pea

Several booths were present for every brands that Candy Corner represents, each giving a distinct game or idea of fun with a candy in mind.

Now that you have seen the pictures captured from the event you can clearly see that we all had a bit of a fun.   Let me now give some of the highlights why I may recommend this and of course some low lights, giving them rooms of improvements.

The highlights:
1.  I like the fact that for some form of privacy and familiarity, each customer who have availed merchandises from any Candy Corner booths were given a card.   Each card has 8 boxes to be stamped by any staff on the stalls.
2.   With certain points for every game,  the total points accumulated corresponds to the grams of your chosen candies at the candy buffet.
3.    We love that the ladies watching over every stalls garbed in colorful and cute dresses, in uniform, were so gracious and welcoming.    They speak in fluent English, btw.
4.    Good thing my daughters were given good advises about characters and values instead of reading their palm or telling fortunes, hahaha, getting one almond roca each is also not bad together with some points to be redeemed.
5.  Well t be honest I was there also for the Jelly Bellies and the Gummi Bears.

The low lights:
1.   The value of the card is P200 which is a bit pricey if you are not going to avail the candies which should be worth P 300.
2.   There is a program but the time set for that is not announced, it wasn't even on the card, so you don't really know what to expect from the event.   We left the site to go to Fully Booked and on our way was the announcement for the magic show, and seeing my kids dismayed watching the host giving away Pixie Stix for some games, we have to run back on the site and watch the remainder of the show.
3.  There are games that are a bit too hard for younger kids.  Earning them fewer points.   Each game has only one chance.  Boohoo.
4.  Hopefully next time they'd have more chocolate options as well.

So are ready to take home bags of candies?
Then head on to the Powerplant Mall.   The event is until October 29, that's on Monday so plan yur trip to Rockwell already...Enjoy!


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