Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kape Pilato Bistro Cafe

I was contacted by Quick Delivery to do a full review of their delivery service and of the food establishment being featured that period.   It was my first time to actually have a delivery service company come at our doorstep and bring us real cooked food.   Of course, we can not take for granted the good service of franchised fast foods, like McDonalds, Wendy's and Shakey's Pizza.   But it was such a thrill to have finished my job with them.
I was asked to also review Kape Pilato's food.   I've been to a site where it posted several photos of Kape Pilato, and frankly I was enamored.  When I saw the menu selection it blew me off my chair.   The name might suggest it to be a coffee shop with a Pinoy twist.  
 When we finally got our order from Kape Pilato.  I saw that they don't only serve big but they don't skimp on ingredients, even if it is a home delivery order.
Check out my review here:

 Kape Pilato Bistro Cafe Via Quick Delivery

 So, I went on searching about it, blog hopping and surveying Google map for it.   After which we planned to visit the place.  

It's located at  San Marcelino St., in Malate, Manila.   You have to be driving from Paco, Manila to get to this street, because it's one way. 
Located at the ground floor of Orange Nest Hotel, its a quite place to have a meal and of course get your boost of jolt with their selection of local coffee concoctions.

Modern-ish, sleek, clean look is what they portray on the outside but lo and behold once you see their menu, which I would say is a standard bragger.  They boast of their chosen Filipino dishes, International cuisine and desserts.   See more than just a coffee shop.   During our stay for dinner, a few couple came prepped up for a satisfying meal.
From casual to intimate to very bodacious family and friends gatherings, they can appease you with what it is you need.  There are several nooks, or something like special function rooms best for professional meetings or just mingling with barkadas and colleagues.

Those are just a few of the snapshots I got at the venue.   Now we can head on and see how they satisfied our empty tummies.
 We began with a huge bowl of Tortilla/Nacho Salad.   From it's namesake, it's a salad mixins of  nacho chips, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, onions, topped with Mexican chilli, drizzled over ceasar salad dressing.  Let me tell you how one can really get full with these alone.  It is served on a huge bowl, and the play of the crisp lettuce and chips with the dressing and the chilli plus cubes upon cubes of cheddar cheese.   Gloryyyyy!
 Well, if you see a photo of a plate of Carbonara, you have to guess, my kids should be with me.   Always, a mommy's safe order for the little ones.  Pasta Carbonara.   Also one good way to just a good dish of it is through my pack (that's what I call  the family ready to devour a whole table of grubs, hahaha).   And guess what, I went hoe one happy momma.  They loved the creaminess of the sauce which clung to the pasta.   The pasta cooked al dente, it had loads of bits of bacon, and a gorgeous mound of ground parmesan cheese.  Two kids and two kid at heart shared with a serving of these.  So more or less, this is good for four people.
For the big eaters (that's for Daddy and ate Danie), I ordered Seafood Curry and Sizzling Sisig.   A plate of the Seafood curry has a half-sized corn on a cob and sauteed carrot slices, cauliflower and broccoli.  The dish is full of curry flavor, as you can see how yellowish it is.   The mix of seafood slices such as squid, shrimp and clams were cooked to tender without being over-cooked.  The same goes with the vegetables in it, the dish was served hot but the veggies stayed crisp and a still packed with nutrition.  I just hate it when vegetable are wilted on the dishes from over-cooking.

So far everything went well, Danie and Dana though have been waiting for the Sisig.   Sadly we weren't able to enjoy it.   It was way to spicy for their tasting.   The aroma was just so enticing with the sizzle and all, but appetite-inducing due to the several bits of chillies mixed into it.  One minus point though is that they didn't tell us that it's going to be that spicy, since we are dining with kids, they could have at least asked us if we are good with that, and advised to make it less spicy or you know a little info about every dish would help.
But there's always our Kuya Darren to take it home too.  So we just had it taken out.  After all, with the serving they have we are already good to go.
But of course we can not let a coffee shop be passed by without having to try something from their coffee selections.  Luckily, they do have a lot under Dessert Coffee.   We tried the Dark Chocolate Truffle Sauce.  It's a frappe, a cold coffee shake with Dark chocolate bits, cold cream and chocolate sauce.

Kape Pilato Bistro Cafe
1814 San Marcelino St Malate, Manila
(02) 516-1630

Visit their Facebook Page to get more info about them and get a map on how to go there.


  1. hi joy! everything looks oh so good especially the nachos!:)

  2. Yup! I would definitely recommend it, a perfect replacement to the ever-tiring french fries. Thanks for dropping over, Ms. Kaye.


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