Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Asian Food Village at Manila Ocean's Park

    After a quick visit to Hyatt Manila Casino and Hotel, where our little tots had some water fun at the pool area, we were treated by a friend for a sumptuous Eastern Asian Cuisine.  
Nothing much has really changed here since I last ate, about two years ago.   But,  there is a lot to me.  Significant changes that opened up new horizons.   Though the tables and chairs are new, and more stylish, the kitchen island is the same, the menu and the aroma.  I think I had a few pictures stored  in my cell phone, it just that I wasn't able to shoot the foods.   If I could remember it right, I think I ordered Pad Thai, a dish with green mango, and bagoong fried rice.
   The kitchen island where menus are displayed and you can choose dishes according to specialties, such as Thailand's, Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Philippine and a bit of Western.
Our Chicken Satay was being cooked.
You can actually see the chefs and cooks preparing the dish we ordered, making sure they are done properly and clean.
Hainanese Chicken
My Bandung with Chichow, a rose syrup, milk tea drink with grass jellies.   This pink drink can be quite deceiving, in a good way.   As you sip it, you can taste the sweetness of rose petals and get the goodness of  teh.  I've been looking forward to having this again.  It sure is good!
Makan Makan Fried Chicken (half)
Chicken Satay
    A Singaporean barbecue quite famous for being a typical street food in Singapore, that's according to my husband, since it was the food he ate so veraciously when he was there a year ago.   However, according to Wikipedia, it originally comes from Indonesia, known to them as sate, and thus being their  national dish.  In an order here at Manila Ocean Park, ten satays are served with a very tasty and a bit sweet , spicy peanut sauce.  The chicken bits are marinated with turmeric making it different among barbecues, hhhmmm, that gives me a thought I will definitely try it, the spicy peanut sauce makes it even more savory.   I can attest to  the significance of peanut sauce to a barbecue.   My mother-in-law sells them, and have pork pieces marinated with it before skewering them to bamboo sticks.  She had been selling them for almost 40 years until now.


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