Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt

Oh yes! Fresh berries and fruit slices...Love to have them on my next Golden Spoon visit!
This smooth and super vanilla flavor yogurt is topped with Rainbow Choco Chips.
Vanilla Froyo with mini-marshmallows
Choco- Froyo with rainbow Choco-chips

GOLDEN SPOON Frozen Yogurt gives away FREE Yogurt!
How?  Head on first to any of their shops and purchase at least a cup of their yogurts from a wide selection of flavors and toppings.   Ask for the Free Yogurt card and continue loving their froyo!

More pictures at The Ayala Triangle, while enjoying or guilt-free dessert.

Restaurants lined up to cater to Makati CBD's workforce and tourists.  From Italian, Japanese, French and or very own Filipino cisine

For a complete list of the restaurants and their contact details, here is the Facebook link

Golden Spoon is at the farthest right of the line of Food chops or considered also the last stop on maybe of your foodie galore!


  1. I am seriously addicted to Golden Spoon's peanut butter fro-yo (available at their Paseo Center branch), though the orange fro-yo at their Ayala Triangle branch reminds me of a childhood favorite: Orange Julius smoothies! - Marga

  2. I've got to try their peanut butter froyo then, Tutti Frutti has more flavors though but they never had orange, that will be on my to-try list also! Tnx Marga! God bless!


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