Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Razon's" Inspired Halo-Halo Just Along the Kanto

A scorching hot day!  I actually have a headache even though I've showered twice already.  Hubby came home really exhausted from work, bummer, I wasn't able to prepare snack for him.   But I still needed to cook dinner. After cooking and enjoying Chicken Curry, my headache got worse.   I'm trying not be so dependent on medicine yet struggling not to lose my composure.  What to do? What to do?
   How's a tub full of icy-cold water?  Nah!
   Pump up the AC, maybe?  No, no. We're trying economize!
   Let's try this catch phrase "Ibuhos mo..!"(translated as "Pour it," from an iced-tea TV commercial)!   We have tried it didn't work!
   Finally, I gave in.   I raved for Halo-Halo!   A concoction of beans, caramelized banana, sweet potato, jackfruit, gelatin,  garbanzossugar palm fruit (kaong), coconut sport(macapuno), tapioca and Nata de Coco.  All covered in shaved ice and milk and not to forget the decadent leche flan (egg custard) and ube halaya (sweetened purple yam).   
   We decided to head to Malibay, a busy district in Pasay, to look for an eatery or a fast food chain that might serve it, like Tropical Hut.  And low, Kanto Sinco ( Fifth Street).  A quaint yet eye-catching diner, which serve native Filipino dishes.  Hoping that they have this, we parked and asked them.  Thank God they do! Oh, glory!
   They have an al fresco dining upstairs, looks like a roof top though under the tree.  Kind of like a modern tree house, if you try to picture it.   the best part of it is that you can feel the cool breeze of night and catch a spectacular view of the moon.   While we were having the feast of halo-halo, my husband and I envisioned a drive to Pampanga and check out Razon's of Guagua as we tour Bataan on the weekend since their version of the sweet is more like Razon's, without the colorful aspect of it.   I agreed commenting that our kids haven't tried their Halo-Halo yet.   But then, getting second thoughts, cause now children are accustomed to shakes and soda floats.   Unlike when we were kids, when we felt bliss eating the cold dessert after playing and wandering in the heat of the sun, without sunscreen!
   We even thought of the other foodie stuffs we used to munch on twenty to thirty years ago.   Foods that aren't so familiar anymore.   Binatog, nilupak, ginataan and our favorite sundot-kulangot.  Ice scrambles are gaining back its fame, though.  
   And so, here I am, head-ache gone and almost done with my blog.   Dreaming of Razon's Halo-Halo and Dinuguan this time in its  origin in Pampanga.  Also original sisig here we come...

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