Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Best Rib in Manila

We were at Pasig's ULTRA or the Phil. Sports Arena, just in time for lunch.   We made a quick visit to the Football Fiesta 2011.  Since we were close to San Juan, we decided to look for Carol's Texan 5, well, with that, to look for the place called Little Bagiuo first.   From EDSA, we went to Greenhills and along Ortigas Ave. we took a right at Caltex which is Wilson Street.  Straight of it is Little Bagiuo, where we discovered a lot of diners, and Steakhouses.   Then, Carol's Texan 5.   

 They have the juiciest burger, where the beef patty is as large as the bun, or maybe a bit bigger.   Veggies are fresh and the beef is very hearty.  I didn't actually finish my burger, it's too gigantic for me.   Plus, I ate a lot of the meat of their Ultimate Texan Ribs.   The plate has to be so big to accommodate  the size of the rib.   A delectable barbecue sauce goes with it and crunchy buttered veggies too.   For my hubby, this is better than the ones served in Friday's.   We definitely loved it!
 The Cowboy Roast Beef, soft snd just right to my taste and my daughters.   With the serving, two people can eat it, too bad I had this ordered for my soon to be seven-year old daughter.   She ate only a forth of it, well too much for her, but she loved it and so with the gravy.
The Texan Burger Steak, extremely juicy burger, topped with button mushrooms and gravy.  So much better than those served on the Jollibee.  A good value for money, a serving for a huge guy.  
I've also heard that aside from serving the best rib in Manila, they too serves the best chicken,
this I need to try!
Let me entice you...
Carol's Texan 5 Menu
Aside from these, Carol's Texan 5 has these services:
Dine-in (Enjoy your best chicken and ribs at Carol's Texan 5!)
Delivery (We deliver to San Juan, Mandaluyong, Ortigas and Pioneer only.)
Event Food Booths (Got an event? Carol's Texan 5 booths are available for hire.)
Party Trays (Order trays of your favorite Carol's Texan 5 dishes for special occasions.)
Functions (Hold events at Carol's Texan 5.)
Kiddie Meal Sets (Order meal sets for your office and kids parties.)
Carol's Texan 5 is a good place to dine, at the time we were there, the place is not crowded, it's relaxing.   We will definitely be back, this time for my son's birthday.   I'm sure Danielle and Darren would have love the foods featured and more on their menus and oh yes, most specially the huge portions of meat!

Really can't wait going back there, so when I heard about Bloggers Buffet at Carol's Texan 5, I have psyched myself joining, and really hoping this may be another adventure for a noob like me in the food blogging world.
And funny, I need to answer the question, "Why would you like to be part of the first Bloggers Buffet?"
My answer, why wouldn't I and who wouldn't!  I get to enjoy Carol's Texan 5 signature chicken and ribs dishes, buffet-style and free, the ambience, and have a great time with fellow bloggers and friends in this first Bloggers Buffet by in cooperation
Well you too can join, just do follow and click on these links:
 Link to the Carol's Texan 5 website and fan page:
                       Fan Page: http:/
          Link to the TenMinutesTops! and websites

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