Saturday, April 2, 2011

Goo-goo-ly Moments at Chef Laudico's BFAST

I guess I don't have to write too many words this time.  I just  hope the pictures I took speak for themselves, well I know, a picture paints a thousand words, but this is simply enjoying the food, the surrounding with  my kids!

On second thought, I could not just undermine the goodness of the food being served at Chef Laudico's BFast All-day Breakfast Cafe.   Something we Filipinos, time and again, could be proud of.   BFast shows how they are in tune with preserving our Mother Nature.   This coffee, as would all the coffees they serve, comes from coffee beans which are from our very own Philippine ground.    You can also notice the red dinner wares.   Yes, they are plastic but recyclable, high-grade US materials.
In the picture is Bfast Sisig- pork sisig with a creamy yet spicy knock to it.   Glutinous Garlic Fried rice topped with perfectly cooked sunny-side egg.
For my hubby, Tapangus,  garlic rice and sunny-side egg, with atchara.  This delicious, soft Tapangus is Bfast's signature dried Tapa but made from US grade Angus beef.   Whilst, my two kiddos enjoyed their Fried Chicken Adobo.   Home-style boneless fried chicken served more special with adobo sauce.
So if you are  eco-friendly, loves eggs and viands that are served in the morning, wants to be adventurous in dining or simply looking for a good, sweet accompaniment for your coffee, this is the place.   If you are also looking for Chef Jackie Laudico's chocolate truffles and pralines, they have it.   Breakfast is served throughout  the day, from 7 am to 10 pm, Mondays to Sundays.
What a way to start-off with my very first visit to Ayala Triangle Gardens.

BTW...They have a contest, you might win a GC from Bfast.
Check their Facebook account at Bfast or check it out here

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