Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bag of Beans

My summer exhaustion turned to rational mania.   I have gotten as far as Tagaytay, just to follow my irresistible quest for an exquisite coffee experience.   From Calamba,  crossing Silang, all the way to the highlands of Tagaytay.

Going to Batangas, just along Aguinaldo Highway, past Mendez crossing is a city hide-away and a haven to coffee lovers and food writers like me.   Bag of Beans dishes up not only good tasting coffee but also pies and other specialties.   The aroma of coffee whiffed up with the cool breeze of Tagaytay is just the remedy for a stressed out woman like me.

I had to see the hidden garden beyond the gates of Bag of Beans first,  for me to get the feel of  the luscious greeneries and the total atmosphere of the place.  You can have an al fresco set up, romantic indoor dining, enjoying at cabanas and in our case, enjoying the down sight view from the veranda.

Bag of Beans have served up several social functions,  both in their indoor dine-ins and garden section.  To even cater a bigger crowd they have extended their function areas.  By the end of this month, they will have a very elegant backdrop suitable for weddings, debuts and company parties, while enjoying a calm sanctuary.   But they do cater already to small and private function.   Very inviting for mini alumni reunions, where they have the option to dine away from the crowd in a secluded dining area, or be amongst other diners in a cabana.   If you are reserving for one of the stylish cabanas, there is a consumable fee of P1000 which is already good for 4 hours of stay!  I say it is very affordable.

Either an intimate,or casual comfort, in small or even large gathering, Bag of Beans will definitely have something for you!  I can't wait to be back and hang-out in some of these areas.

Whenever I go to eat somewhere and the menu is handed over for us to choose, I would ask the server what their house best is.   In either drinks or food, I like to order what others would find best.   Sometimes the majority decides what is best or not, however even if I might see my favorite in a menu, I will definitely be trying out what can be and is new to my gustatory sensation.
Anyways here are the things we ordered for late snack...

My Coffee, hot Caramel Machiatto (about P115).  We were first asking for the Alamid Coffee, which they are most famous for, but alas, that time it was not available.   And Bhogs had, the House Blend Brewed coffee.

Our stomach was still a bit full with what we had at Leslie's Restaurant from Calamba, so we shared with the tasty and satisfying Shepherd's  Pie.  Shepherd's Pie is an English dish, traditionally made with lamb or mutton.    Americans typically make Shepherd's Pie with beef, so that was what we had, and it was topped with potato,mashed and seasoned to perfection.

I love cheesecakes!  We were offered Blueberry Cheescake, they said it was their best-seller, but I opted to get Strawberry Cheesecake instead.

After touring the vicinity, we head on their bakeshop, which is the facade of the Restaurant.   We went home with goodies for our kids.

Address:  115 Aguinaldo Highway
                Mendez Crossing West,
               Tagaytay City

Bag of Beans Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


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