Monday, May 9, 2016

Summer Activities for the Kids at Dewi Sri Farm and Resort + Juicing with Breville

Are you a parent looking for fun activities for the kids and the whole family this summer?  You still have one month to enjoy these fun-filled activities I curated for you.

First of, let me just share how glad I was to share with fellow moms and their kids this farm in Laguna were you can actually invibe the tranquil farm life even for a day.

More than swimming in the pool, Dewi Sri Farm offers enjoyable activities that will divert them from their gadgets or digital games.  

Remember how much fun it was to play jump ropes on the streets or climb trees and pick fruits?  I miss those times, and those kinda times my kids have never experienced as a child.  They grew playing games at home, with books and modern toys, and most of the times, they knew little of what it's like to plant their own vegetables or eat the chicken they have taken cared of.

Dewi Sri have taken all those things in account and have taken farming beyond than just agriculture, they made it a point to bring in fun while educating tourists about natural or organic farming.

I have already shared the story behind Dewi Sri Farm here and how good their Indonesian-Thai-Filipino menu is.

Let me list down then what you and your kids can do to have that exciting agri-tourism experience at Dewi Sri.

1. Feed and interact with the animals at their Petting zoo

2.  Get to know different kinds of flowering plants.

Dewi Sri grows a large number of orchids colorfully dotted around the vicinity.

You'll never know what you're going to discover along the pathway, like this Ginger/zingiber-zerum, which blooms a pine cone which is actually used to make gel shampoos.

Everywhere you look, trees and plants flourish, even though the heat of the sun was at its peak, the air around is still cool and everywhere you set your eyes are beautiful flowers freely revealing themselves above green leaves.

Rakit Race

Rakit is the Indonesian word for raft.  On the man-made lake where they also take care of their fish the built two rakit guided by a rope.  I love seeing how safe their raft is with side handles and you don't even have to push the boat with a pole, all you need to do is to use the rope to pull your raft to the edge of lake.

They use the rakit for their team-building activities.


Like what I mentioned in my previous blog about Dewi Sri's menu offering, most of the ingredients come from their farm.

They maintain a number of crops and herbs with some other spices coming from Indonesia.



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