Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Summer Stroll at he Gourmand Market

As a person who has a penchant for discovering outrageously yummy food, I always make sure that I live up to my standards, by it being healthy, artistically palatable, beknownst to have been prepared by gourmands that never undermines the value of good food.  Thus, I'm always on a look out for events bursting with spectacular ambiance and flavor.

THE GOURMAND MARKET happens to be on top of my foodie events list. 

The novelty for consumers of getting great, adventurous, and even gourmet food from a fair or market makes it more of a sought-after “event” rather than just a meal, as the chef and server have more ingenuity and creativity.

With this kind of gatherings, caterers and food purveyors get to engage to a variable of consumers and eventually land into a good business relationship.

Let me speak to the caterers then...You'll be amazed at the relationships you can build one-on-one within the community, when someone tastes something great that they get from you personally.  That relationship, coupled with a great food experience, can go a long way in making you first in a person’s mind when he or she has an event to cater or when they want to recommend a caterer
For us foodies, this means food (dished up by passionate food enthusiasts)  that not only satisfy the tummy but satiate every ounce of our senses.  Just like dining to a newly opened concept resto, coming to The Gourmand Market at Bonifacio High Street gets me giddy, as the organizers together with Globe Platinum and the purveyors, exhaust their creativity and skill not only on the food they make but with how they get the good vibe going.

With that let me invite you to the next The Gourmand Market by NawTty's Kitchen, brought to us by Globe Platinum on May 20 to 22 starting at 11 am up to 11 pm.
Last Gourmand Market had the Bohemian theme this time they struck along the lines of "Summer Stroll."

On that note ready your most comfortable summer clothes as you get to stroll along the hot paved center while adoring different cuisines from the old and new sellers.

See favorite and familiar brands such as Xancho, Manila Belly, Nawtty's Kitchen, THC, Stellina Wrapped and more...

Catch them dice, whip and complete your most sumptuous summer meal right before your eyes.

New purveyors such as LokantaPH, BurntOrange, etc. will also try to steal your hearts.

Savor kebabs, wraps and an array of savories...

I swear, this is will mark the highlight of your summer food binging!  And yep, no one will ever question your dining habit!
Do say hi if ever you catch me, I might buy you one of my favorite food there!

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