Wednesday, May 11, 2016

One Day #withoutshoes + TOMS = Give Shoes

It all begun with a dream: a dream that someday all kids will have shoes.

Yesterday, I witnessed Toms Philippine as it came close to reaching that dream.  It has been 10 years since Toms spent one day #withoutshoes, each year, to raise awareness for children's health and education. The giving of shoes project began on the year 2006. It was when TOMS officially sold its shoes and it was also when the first batch of free shoes were given away to Argentine children, with the astonishing number of 10,000, amounting to the same number of stock sold.  It all began with an idea and 250 pairs of "alpargata-inspired" shoes.

Came 4 pm at Westgate, Alabang, avid fans of the classic canvass day shoes flocked and awaited the program prepared by TOMS Philippines.  My husband and I came early, indulging ourselves with cold Stellina's Lemonade.

Meanwhile, some gathered at Foundry...

... not only for the new 10th anniversary line of TOMS but also for the whopping 50% discount for the classic designs.

It was also there where you get to register for the event, qualifying you to be a part of One Day #wthoutshoes event.

Once registered, you will be given a small TOMS canvass pouch where you can keep your shoes as you get to experience a few hours without shoes.

The Foundry is a place in Westgate where passionate and self-driven people with a purpose collaborate.  Their purpose is to make the world better.

You can also buy TOMS products here and other well-curated items that celebrate ingenuity.

I guess I've been hiding under a rock for quite some time now, not knowing what TOMS is all about.

Now, I'm an owner of a new pair of TOMS, but more than that, I was able to be a part of that advocacy - #OneforOne.  With the pair of TOMS I bought, another pair will be given to a an impoverished child.  That's more than one reason then for me o buy more TOMS for me and my kids.

Thanks to Blake 

Found some cute TOMS for babies and toddlers too... in as early as those ages, such sales would be more than welcomed and more kids can have access to shoes.

I'm so into this kind of business!

And yes, Foundry serves cool coffee concoctions from TOMS Roasting Co.

For every coffee accessories and gifts from TOMS Roasting Co. for coffee mugs, cups, coffeemakers and more you help provide clean water to a person in need.

We were also able to sample their cold latte from Ethiopian brew.

Kids from Convoy of Hope enjoying arts and crafts available at the Foundry.

An expat on a mission to spread poverty alleviation and social awareness.  He is promoting immersion tour at Maripipi Island.

Yes, the ground was really hot, and walking barefoot made me and all the guests felt the need for something to protect our soles, that's how many kids feel, needy children working in the fields, street children under the scorching heat of the sun, kids who travel on foot going to their schools or God knows where.  While we get to choose some accessories for our newly-bought flipflops, or how we pick our shoes to match the color of our outfit.  

TOMS inspired me and I'll never tire helping out on causes like this, so let's spread love and the spirit of giving, do buy TOMS products... 

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