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Le Jardin, A French Culinary Affair in an Urban Garden

Contrary to popular belief, Le Jardin is not only for the snobs, looking haughty, in an all-white ensemble or donning a gentleman's suit.  You don't need to be on a date either to earn a table.  Though it is true, you need a healthy wallet to really indulge in its well-curated French cuisine.

My experience with this elegant French garden inspired restaurant was last year and was only repeated once for a coffee.  It was undeniably one of the great meal I had last year and that was then when Chef Hasset Go was still actively co-managing it with Chef Jonas Ng.

They wouldn't have gotten the award as one of 2016 BEST RESTAURANTS rated by The Philippine Tatler, if I'm not telling you the truth.

It's best to get the five-course dinner (PHP3,200) which includes amuse bouche, three entrée aux choix (appetizers), plat principal au choix (main course), assortment de fromage maison (homemade cheese) and dessert au choix (assortment of one dessert).

Though you can also choose from two other meal packages- 3 Courses for P 2,200 or 4 Courses for
 P 2,800.

So I'm not going to muse about what Le Jardin is all about and just get on with what you may try there. 

Above is the photo of Tartare De Homard Au Pamplemousse, apart from being embellished with the flower, gumamela, it's a rendition of a refrehing pomelo and lobster salad.

But prior to that, a basket of warm bread assortment is served and scrambled eggs heightened with truffle oil.  The warm, pillowy eggs was a delight to the palate perfect to top on the bread.

Next cold appetizer, or Entree Froide, Assiete De Trois Foie Gras,
Fattened duck liver served three ways. It's a trio of classic foie gras on fresh greens, a foie gras terrine, and a crisp spring roll drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. The steadfast desire of the chefs to serve authentic French flavors has paved way to the rich and distinct texture and flavor of the foie gras, each given a modern take enhancing what a foie gras is.  Imagine the play of creatives on this plate, one basic ingredient given three different dishes.

On this plate, a terrine with its unique texture, then the duck liver laid on a salad, and the inventive spring roll with its contrasting flavors and texture, all with one main ingredient.

Moving on with the warm appetizers...

Crevettes Sautees Aux Epices.  Prawn were grilled then sauteed infusing such wonderful spices into it and served on white wine reduction sauce.

Would Coquilles St. Jacques Poelees Puree De Pommes De Terre Aux Truffes interest you? I'm sure it's juicy seared scallops laid on a bed of soft and creamy truffled mashed potatoes definitely would.

My choice was Escargot De Bourgogne. Which was a challenge in eating daintily, these Burgundy snails richly savored in garlic and parsley butter, is to die for. Each snail is covered in the thick sauce, which I love slurping, dearly complements the mild and delicate flavors of the escargot.
Don't let the buttery sauce go to waste, do dip the bread in its sauce, as what Italians would do.

In between your savant dishes, a sip or two of Guy Allion Sauvignon would make the dinner more gratifying.

Also, the staff would gladly serve you with a palate cleanser to prepare your taste buds for more bursts of flavors.  A scoop of lemon sorbet was all it needs.

Not realizing I was still with the three kinds of appetizers, a plate was delivered on our table and Pave De Thon Et Foie Gras Poele, Sauce Aux Turfees, gleaned on me like a true form of art.  It's a chunky and hefty at that, grilled tuna steak with foie gras and truffle sauce.

Well, I'll never get tired of having truffle oil as you can see.

Other main dishes include the Poitrine De Cochon, Farcie Au Foie Gras, or tender pork belly cooked sous-vide and stuffed with foie gras, served with buttered carrots and chicharon.

I you want meat then Souris D' Agneau is for you. A slow-braised lamb shank. is drenched in gravy and served with mashed pumpkin and veggie pasta.

As you can see, each main dish includes generous portions, with rich French-style sauces.

Like the Chevreuil De Venaison, seared venison with red wine and berry sauce, with buttered carrots, courgette and English biscuit.

You might want to go for their best-selling Joue De Boeuf Et Foie Gras Poele.  I so love how the  beef cheeks were braised in cinnamon.  On top of it was a pan-seared foie gras.  Though looking burnt, the beef cheeks were tender and buttery and would just melt in your mouth.  With a richness that lingers long after the first bite, the thick and sweetly spiced sauce adds layers of flavors to the dish.  The minced garlic then gives off a nutty after note yet a mild sharpness towards the end to balance the richness. This rustic take on the traditional heirloom recipe proves what French cooking is all about, home-good, down-right comfort food.

Another main that I'd go for is the Cog Au Vin, unlike the ones served in ONE WAY Restaurant, the chicken is served in big cuts. It has a subtle garlic flavor with all the other flavors of the mushroom, lardon, and wine melded in the thick sauce.

This really inspired me to consult Julia Child's book and try to cook this at home.

If you think you are all set to cap your meal, the wait staff will interest you again After your main course, indulge with  Le Jardin's Artisan Cheese Plate.  These were all made in-house and tested as well at Le Jardin's kitchen. Here are the different flavors: Aux Truffles (with truffles), Ciboulette (chives), Nature (plain), Romarin (with rosemary), and the unique Cendre (Ash). The Aux Truffles and Ciboulette are both young cheeses aged for around two days, with sharper flavors, while the other three are aged for a week or more, with a firmer texture and milder flavors. Any cheese gourmand would feel so welcomed with this sight.

The young cheeses has that  clean and fresh taste to it heightened with added components such as the truffles and chives.
The aged cheeses on the other hand, has that ultimate crass and sharpness other people want, I love the more the unique texture and aroma the rosemary has and the ash, actually elevates the acrid cheese flavor. The burnt and smoky flavor of the one with ash was truly something!

An then the dessert...

I was able to try out not just one but three, having to try with my other fellow Zomato foodies.  

Above is the Fondant Au Chocolat, a moist chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream.

Then this colorful Dessert de Gils, crafted by none-other-than Chef Gils Brault, on whome Chef Jonas had apprenticed from for his French culinary education.

According to Chef Jonas, it was their best-selling dessert. Truly a beautiful mess as it is, was made of strawberry sorbet with frozen berries almond crumbles and strewn with nuts, chocolate and mango syrups.

There's also Gateau Rouge Velours Mousse Au Chocolate Blanc. Tri-color dessert that's rich for a chocolate and red velvet ensemble.   A layer of  red velvet cake and white chocolate mousse is sliced for your fork pleasure and served with vanilla ice cream.  The strawberry slices gives another dimension as well as the syrup that laced around the plate.

Le Jardin is what every romantics would ever want for a lovely, long dinner.  It's like being somewhere else in an elegant restaurant France but with a commanding view of the busy BGC.


Address:  Penthouse, W Fifth Avenue Building,
                5th Avenue Corner 32nd Street,
                Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Contact Numbers:  +63 9178176584
                                02 4033049

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  1. It is kind of fancy, but the price is worth the food that you were served, even more. The plating is just as amazing!

  2. Looks very fancy kind of food, as long as the price is worth the taste of each serving I guess it's a good experience to have.

  3. The presentation alone of all the foods are so worthy of admiration. I am pretty sure they will be sumptuous too!

  4. Lovely food presentation! I'm interested in the lamb shank and the Cog Au Vin.

  5. Do you have to pay extra for the cheese plate and lemon sorbet?


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