Sunday, May 8, 2016

Miracle Art, An Optical Art Exhibition in Circuit Makati

Our "Sugarbabe" turned 12 last May 5 and she only asked to go to the carnival and invite one of her closest friend with us.  We call our third child that way as a term of endearment, as many have known her as a juvenile DM. (diabetic Type 1).  

Our initial plan of going to EK didn't happen after considering the supah hot weather and the traffic from Manila to the South.  Plus her friend's mom hesitated to accept the invitation since it was far from them, even though we will be following them were ever they've wish to go. 

So we decided to bring the cousins and their Dana's friend Aub, to Miracle Art at Circuit Makati and Star City instead.

It was a good thing that we went there in the afternoon, well after going through an hour of traffic from BGC to J. P. Rizal, it was quite a relief.  Especially after knowing that they have lowered their entrance fee from P 300 to P 200 and having the place all to ourselves.

The birthday girl envibing the "Gone with the Wind" feel with the wall set on with a life-sized horse.

Upon entrance, they were all giddy and ecstatic not knowing where to begin, the same way I felt...hahaha.

Notice the girls wearing socks and Dana barefooted? Apparently, you will be asked to enter without shoes not even slip ons so better come with your socks on.

Forgive me as this post will be a photo-dump of how I was able o capture an hour of fun at Miracle Art Museum.

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