Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Have Your Chipotle Fire Chicken Hotter with Effin Hot Gravy

Are you feeling the heat already! I mean to say, with Kenny Rogers Roasters firing up our appetite for really hot specialties that may blow your mind away, have you felt that hotness yet?

After the successful launch of Kenny Rogers new addition to their roasted chicken list - Chipotle Fire Chicken, they made sure to even amp up the hotness level of what is to say #HOT, cause anyways #ItsGoodToBeHot, don't you think?

Read that article below:

When #ItsGoodToBeHot with Kenny Rogers Chipotle Fire Chicken

Kenny’s took the heat to another level by elevating the hot gravy to a secret sauce specially made for all the Chipotle Fire Chicken lovers and daredevils who want more heat added to their chicken.

The Effin’ Hot Gravy retains the familiar taste of Kenny’s flavorful gravy.  It is so deliciously hot that you would need something to help balance the heat. You can cool down the Chipotle heat by adding P25.00 for one regular-sized plain froyo with any Chipotle Fire Chicken meal until March 15.

Last week, I was invited by Kenny Rogers to try a  new secret sauce.  With my SOLO plate (Php245.00) of Chipotle Fire Chicken, I was served two kinds of gravies and a cup serving of their tangy and silky Froyo.

It was a fun afternoon, not just to enjoy a delectable meal (with Kenny's every meal is delectable, take it from me and my family), but to play a challenge.  

First, we were asked if we like spicy food, like their Chipotle, then we were asked to get a set of two playing cards.  On it are numbers representing how many times you need to dip your chicken in the gravy and the number of times you can have a froyo to drown the heat from either the chicken or the gravy.

We weren't told that they will be serving us with a new gravy (off the menu).

Whew!  The #effinhotgravy got me!  

It was so, so spicy, but I managed to keep cool, thanks to the frozen yogurt (two spoonfuls after two dips, hahaha.

Take note though that this secret sauce does not automatically come with an order of the Chipotle Fire Chicken – you have to ask for it from the store staff.

Still think you can take more heat? We dare you to ask for the Effin’ Hot Gravy!
Go to the nearest Kenny Rogers Roasters branch now.

Don’t forget to share your experience, tag and challenge your friends, and use the hashtag #EffinHotGravy.


  1. I've been to Kenny Rogers' but I didn't get to try this one. I'll give it a shot soon ;)

  2. We love this chicken our go-to roasted chicken when mom is not cooking!


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