Sunday, February 11, 2018

#IntheMoodFoodCrawl at Evia Lifestyle Center

Just like what Yotam Ottolenghi said, "Brunch, is an extended breakfast that should be enjoyed whenever you have time properly to engage in cooking and eating."  But gather together moms who love eating and socializing, brunch is given a whole new light.  It becomes an avenue for a blooming or even a lasting friendship.

As a mom, we work on multiple things all day long. You get in a rut and begin to feel like a hamster on a wheel. You don’t have to reach that point if you set aside some time to meet with a good friend and enjoy the company of others.  Thanks to Michelle Ressa-Aventajado and Sabrina Cristobal-Go of Mothers Who Brunch who gives value to fun gatherings.  

Social functions are great for well-being and prompt a cheery disposition and this duo definitely have the means to infect us with their creativity and light-heartedness. 

I've been to a couple of their well-managed brunch events and every time I attend, it gave me a sense of inspiration and well, meeting new like-minded moms tops it all.

With the In the Mood Food Crawl, the ladies, together with their equally talented squad, moms and foodies were brought to seven food establishments and was invited to a simple Valentines food prep workshop at My Mothers' Cupboard.

The food crawl was timely as I was thinking were to bring my husband, or rather give him an idea where to bring me on Valentines Day.  

You see, we never really got to enjoy the V-day, as we try to get away from crowded places.  You know how it is in the mall or famous dining places during those days and add to that the traffic.

Evia Lifestyle Center is a mall so convenient to the people in the South as it has quite a collection of good restaurants.  It also has cinemas, making your dating game a notch above and less the crowd.  I don't mind driving to Daang Hari, since it's faster (Via MCX) than going through the horrendous traffic in EDSA.

Here are the seven restaurants the Mothers Who Brunch have put together, and might I say, 

Tiger Leaf

It wasn't my first time to come to Tiger Leaf.  I've been meaning to put good remarks on my first visit last month here in the blog, but time had not been good to me.

Stepping inside Tiger Leaf is like being warped into a different country, just like its sister resto, Another Story, it has a vibrant Asian-inspired interior.

Sharing a video clip of my last visit to the latter.

I love how the colors were thrown around without making a mess or defining a rainbow.  The hodge-podge of Indochine ornaments makes the place more interesting too.

Now, the food, ahhh, the food.  I have gotten completely unaware of my diet.  You're husband will love the Chicken Satay oozing with herby, Thai flavors.  With the Catfish Salad, with all it's veggies and dressing is a perfect complement to the latter.

Make sure to order a Vietnamese Coffee to share with your date ha!

Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen

Mama Lou's is said to be the go-to place for Italian cuisine.  It's a family tradition that speaks for itself.

The homey ambiance coupled by cheerful service staff and of course homegrown dishes priced not to burn a hole in your pocket.  What else can you ask for?

To our amazement, Mama Lou's welcomed us with a buffet spread worthy of a festive celebration.  You can actually talk to them to set a grazing table for the Valentines day, or on any special occasion.

Apart from the delis, we all were able to try their home-made pappardelle con Marinara and Spinach Pizza with Truffles.

Wished we could have stayed longer, I could live with what was offered to us, I'm putting them on my list for the best party caterer already.

It was just divine, no wonder they got The Philippine Tatler’s certification as one of the best restaurants in 2014.

Merlion's Cuisine

Specializing in Singaporean cuisine, you get to enjoy exquisite roasted meat in different ways.

Another way of bringing interest to your plates are these adorable Merlion miniature figures made of salt.

Gosh, I should have asked if I could bring one home.

Meat-binging the Singaporean way was what we did here.  Love the Tofu, fried-to-crisp served with a gorgeous amount of veggies.

On weekends get to taste authentic Bak Kut Teh, a comforting pork rib dish cooked in herbal-based broth.  Not to miss is their dessert meant to please the crowd - Ice Kachang.


Mesa serves up modern Filipino dishes.  Simple dishes elevated to make everyone fall in love again with our own cooking.

Let me tell you, this food tour is beyond what I expected, what should have been a romantic V-day, intimate date, turned out to be an extremely fun food-binging.  And Mesa is a heck of place that can surely make every occasional meal like a fiesta.

Well, why not turn your V-date into a really fun fiesta-like date, I would have loved one, and I'm sure every food-loving babe would also do.

Go with your guts and just gift your loved one with a meal consisting of the well-loved Crispchon.  It's their version of cochinillo.  It's served in two ways two equally ingenious ways of enjoying the Crispchon - Wrapped in Pandan Crepe and tossed in  chili garlic.

Our meal was made exciting watching how Suahe (fresh river-shrimps) was cooked over hot stones).  Make sure to also try their refreshing Kamias Shake (not sour nor sweet at all) and the Tinapa Rolls.

Another Story

Read Another Story, A Restaurant One Needs to Discover in Evia by clicking on the link.

Another Story is by far one of my favorite restaurant in the South.  It's not just an eye-candy but definitely a foodie destination with an experience deserving of a title -The Most Memorable Valentines Date.

Take it from me, cause I'm a gal that's hard to please when it comes to dating, and my husband would definitely attest to that.

Don't make a gamble and risk hard earned money over senseless gifts, give your lovey-dovey the gift of good food and this plate of Angus Prime Ribeye Steak will definitely win him or her over, of course greater when paired with a glass of her favorite wine.  

Another Story has a good list of carefully curated wines to pair with your food.

There's always something here for everyone.  If you're date is not into meat, then this Grilled Salmon will surely make it a special meal.  Best when paired with Chardonnay or White Pinot Noir, the salmon is served with a tantamount of salad greens and creamy mashed potato.  The serving is huge it can serve up to two persons.

They also have a good selection of desserts, but make it above and beyond by capping the date at the nearby dessert joint Cheesecake Fairy.

If you think the above suggestions fall off the mark, what if I tell you that dinner can be fired up at Teppanya, I mean literally.

Watch the video below to see what I mean.

Sweep your date's feet off with an A5 BMS 9 Wagyu Ribeye (with Japan Meat Grading Association Certification for the Miyazaki beef) and the equally delicious Hokkaido Oysters.

The Cheesecake Fairy

My Mother's Cupboard

My love for Evia Lifestyle Center grows stronger after having unearthed this treasure trove of a store.
Every moms' and wives-to-be's dream storre.  

Daddies and boyfies, bring your ladies here and swoon her over of course, it's going to be totally amazing if she gets out with treats from My Mother's Cupboard.

Read all about the dainty store at mylink below.

How My Mother's Cupboard Makes Any Homemakers Swoon

Here, btw, was our last stop for the In the Mood Food Crawl.

The two beautiful moms of Mothers Who Brunch gave us a fun demo of the things that we can prepare for a special Valentine episode at home.

Evia Lifestyle Mall offers you a whole different mall experience especially this Valentines Day.  This food crawl is definitely "THE" guide to the foodie hunting and resto-hopping perfect for every lifestyle.  So what are you waiting for!


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