Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Joy of Shopping for Contadina

I always put everything to a halt when I need to be in the grocery to shop for my family, especially if I'm dealt with a week of grocery items and needful of planning our daily dishes. I allow myself to live in the moment and make sure that a visit to the grocery would be a pleasure. Thus, time isn't a factor and, how could someone shop for a week's worth of food in less than an hour?  For some, it may be a boring chore, but for me, it's a joy.  I love, love discovering new items to use in my cooking and baking.  So, if I'll be pressured (with time or with money), I don't know how I'd feel...

Come November 27, I found myself hastily walking from our condo unit to Robinsons Selection at Venice Piazza, McKinley.  It was for an event hosted by Contadina dubbed as The Contadina Supermarket Raid.

At the said event, bloggers (including me) were given a chance to shop their hearts' out with Contadina products and ingredients needed to prepare a dish highlighting the #FlavorsofContadina. Above is a "talikod-genic" photo of some of the bloggers in front of me as we await to get inside the grocery store and shop.

It was such an absorbing event, as we were given Robinson's Gift Check worth P 2000 to shop for Contadina products such as pasta, olive oils, sauces and tinned tomatoes.  It was also the first time I had my picture taken with my favorite food blogger - Joey of

Also had the pleasure of shopping with Lani of

All these because Contadina products are finally available in supermarkets! It was rewarding for me as Robinsons Selection is just a walk away from me, and is now available near you too.

The brand, known for its use of rich, quality ingredients sourced from the world's most fertile regions, can now be bought across the country.  The products again ranges from olive oil (in varied bottle sizes), pasta sauces, a variety of canned tomatoes and of course different kinds of pasta (such as penne, spaghetti, linguine, etc.).

Judging by what you see on my grocery cart (don't mind the Fruity Pebbles cereals and the baby carrots, their special request by my youngest daughter), can you tell what I'm going to cook for Nigella Lawson, the Domestic Goddess and face of Contadina Philippines?

Oh and have you read that Nigella Lawson was here a couple of months ago for the launch of Contadina in Manila?

Read about it HERE!

For more information on Contadina, visit their Facebook page, Contadina Philippines and their official website,


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