Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Restaurant Depot, Where Savings Come in Big Sizes

Establishments in Pasay in the food-service can now take delight in a newly opened super-grocer. Easily accessible, Restaurant Depot is just a few walks from EDSA and Mall of Asia which aims  It is a membership-only warehouse club for people involved in the food-service industry - canteens, food stalls, restaurants, caterers, home bakers, and chefs. Membership gives you access to a large selection of ingredients, food supplies, and kitchenware in a convenient shopping format, where buying in bulk translates to big savings.

I was one of the few to get first dibs of the new shopping venue and I couldn't be happier, as I found where to get hard to find spices, my cooking and baking needs, all in one place. Allow me to share you what you can expect from the newly-opened place in Pasay.

Below are photos of the products you can find at Restaurant Depot categorized in such a way that you can easily spot the things you need.

FRESH AND FROZEN – Seafood, meat, chicken, and pork products have all gone through rigorous quality control standards by trusted suppliers and are priced competitively for your needs.

PROCESSED – From frozen dimsum products to processed meat products and shabu-shabu ingredients, Restaurant Depot has a variety of pre-made food products for business needs.

BAKING ITEMS – Restaurant Depot is a baker’s haven with its specialized sections for fudges, syrups, flavorings, sprinkles, nuts and chocolates.

OIL – Giant sizes of various oil brands are available in the store for easy selection as well as an extensive selection of cooking oils, olive oils and truffle oils.

DRY GOODS – Restaurant Depot has all the staples for a full service meal from flour, rice, salt to sugar products in bulk sizes.

DAIRY – Restaurant Depot’s big sizes of mozzarella, cream cheese and dairy products gives you huge savings where it counts.

CANNED GOODS – Various sizes of canned mushrooms, corn, olives, tuna, and meat products are available to cover your kitchen needs.

NOODLES AND PASTA – Restaurant Depot has pasta and noodles in all shapes and sizes for your kitchen’s recipes.

SPICES – Restaurant Depot has an extensive array of spices with shelves full of choice seasonings for your easy selection. Spices and seasonings are available in large packs, ensuring huge savings and more quantity for lower prices.

BEVERAGES – From ready to drink juices, beverage syrups, purees, to economical juice powder packs, Restaurant Depot provides numerous choices of beverage blends for your foodservice needs. The store also has a wide section of alcoholic products; from imported wines, beers and liquor for your bar needs.          

SAUCES AND CONDIMENTS – Restaurant Depot has all the condiments to flavor your food, from ketchups, mayonnaise, mustards, soy sauces, fish sauces, and vinegars. Apart from this, Restaurant Depot brings world food cuisine to table tops with everything from Thai to Malaysian to Japanese condiments.

PACKAGING – With an extensive assortment of cupcake liners, pastry and cake boxes; as well as various plastic food storage sizes for take-out needs and disposable party products in bulk, the store is filled with options for your packaging requirements.

CLEANING – From scrubs to sponges and cleaning liquids, Restaurant Depot has larger sizes in order to optimize your cleaning budget.

TABLEWARE – Restaurant Depot has dinnerware and drinkware for classic table settings, as well as table accessories to complete your table tops.

KITCHENWARE – From flatware to small electrical appliances, Restaurant Depot has a wide array of pots, pans, kitchen tools and catering equipment to fulfill your needs.

At Restaurant Depot, you can find all these great selections under one roof. Their aim is to be your reliable partner – providing a convenient foodservice shopping experience where SAVINGS come in BIG SIZES.


  1. Hi Joy! This is Margaret, the social media manager for Restaurant Depot. Can we grab some of your photos for our FB and IG posting? Is it okay? Let me know! I'll credit you na lang via fb post and IG comment and write your blogsite there too. Hope this is okay. Thank you again for the feature :)

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