Friday, December 2, 2016

Meet the New Classics at 7107

Contemporary Filipino chefs and been demonstrating their love and passion for local Filipino dishes and leveling it up a notch to meet global trends, this means making plating more elaborate, making the dish more palatable and enticing.
Like the chefs behind 7107 Culture + Cuisine, who invented the term #glocal dishes, they stayed true to pure regional dishes but redefining it to invite both foreign and local diners to try the well-loved Filipino comfort food.

The New Classics take inspiration from the unwavering comfort found in Pinoy food, that steadfast
bliss of coming home to a lutong bahay at the end of a long day or the enthusiastic anticipation that
comes with knowing you will share meals and laughs with relatives comes Sunday, the most glorious
part of the week. Heralding our country’s exemplary culture and extraordinary cuisine, we hope to
put Pinoys’ local food craving at an all-time high with our levelled-up classic creations.

After having had a wonderful dining experience at Treston's school restaurant - 7107 Culture + Cuisine, I was back, this time with my husband to try some of their newest menu offering.

Do read that story here: 7107 Culture + Cuisine, Now Dishes-out Glocal

With the same vibrant atmosphere, but with a revamped menu and dishes I've been craving for, our eat-date ended so wonderfully I expected.

7107 Sisig is a straightforward dish, a dish you'd think of having when you kinda miss Pampanga but can't afford to spend some time to drive oneself there.  But with this kind, chopped up bagnet were used and mixed with the other meaty ingredients.

You can choose to have plain white steamed rice or brown rice with this.  If you're big on viands then one person can easily slug this one in your gut, but this ma also be good for two persons sharing.

One issue with the barkada eating out is that one person would like to have some street food while some would prefer heavy plates of rice dishes, but they all want to be together for good times sake. Thus, 7107 is the answer to that.  With the menu set up categorically as KANTO cuisine , for favorite street food, DAMPA for seafood, TALYASI for festive dishes traditionally cooked in huge pots, HIMAGAS (desserts of course). everyone gets to have what they're craving for. 

This time they have Shawarma Mania. The all-time fave snack had been given a Filipino twist with filling it 7107's beef tapa and flavored with calamansi aioli instead of the garlic sauce.

Another "meryenda" (or a breakfast treat) on the list is the Breakfast SaWrap, 

It's a hearty breakfast decision made easy with the sweet and tender 7107 tapa, scrambled eggs and turmeric rice, wrapped in tortilla bread. 

Since I've been waxing lyrical about the Tonkatsu Bicol X, we ordered it so my husband could also try it.  It was as good as what I could remember it to be.  The pork cutlet is still crunchy on the outside and tender and a little juicy on the inside.  Sauce was still addicting and spicy enough to our taste.  My husband loved it!

Bistek I Ever Had is an all-time Filipino favorite Beef Bistek gets a sweet and richer taste with honey.
Whether you are a 90’s kid who thought of Vertical Horizon or from Generation Z whose mind instantly skipped to Drake, this levelled-up classic will get you hooked and make you say “you da bistek I ever had.”

Chicken Pork Adobo is their take on the country’s signature dish, Adobo, which is delighting
palates around the world. Enjoy the hearty update of  friend potato wedges tossed with flavorfully marinated chicken and pork.

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