Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Jeunesse Anion Fun, Food, and Fitness Event at Mariott Hotel Manila

With the advocacy to provide sanitary pads and liners that help to do more for your wellness, by empowering women to get into the habit with practical healthy living upgrades Jeunesse Anion, proved to be true to its words.

To celebrate women empowerment partnered with a lifestyle geared to wellness Jeunesse Anion has partnered with Marriott Hotel Manila to freshen up those habits and stay motivated with an hour of Zumba and exciting demo of healthy one-pan meals, courtesy of Simply Cereal, Doña Elena Olive Oils, Clara Ole, and Al Dente Pasta.

This seasoned treat for us moms, young millennials and basically all women was attended by well-deserved mommy and lifestyle bloggers with an hour worth of sweat and fun, followed by a rewarding buffet prepared by Mariott Hotel's kitchen.

The event was led by DJ Jamie Fournier, btw.

Fat-burning Zumba Sesh with Regine Tolentino

The Jeunesse stage was rocked by the country's "Dance Diva herself, Regine Tolentino,  She's a true testament to dancing being a surefire way of shaking excess calories and gaining friends, through Zumba.

I wasn't able to count how many jiggy songs I was able to dance with, as the instructor themselves took the stage in so much grace and energy.  It seemed that this sexy hot mama, Regine Tolentimo didn't run out of energy. Jeunesse Anion campaigns for staying fit through active lifestyle, just like what multi-awarded celebrity host and performer Regine Tolentino does.

She’s the country’s “Dance Diva,” and a strong influencer in the dance fitness industry who proves that it’s one of the best ways to recharge our batteries. Regine is a licensed Zumba® and U-Jam® Fitness instructor, and certified by the AFAA (Athletic and Fitness Association of America).

Apart from hosting, Regine is also an actress, designer, entrepreneur and a mother to two adorable children while a host for several TV shows where she teaches dance and promotes healthy lifestyle change. If you’re wondering how she does all these without getting tired, it’s simple – she just loves looking beautiful, feeling healthy, and staying fit. Dancing is Regine’s way of keeping that tip-top shape!

Exercising to music like doing Zumba has loads of physical and mental benefits including improved condition of heart and lungs, increased muscular strength and tone, while reduces risks of osteoporosis and heart attack. Attending Zumba classes not only develops healthier body, it also helps moms become socially active, increasing emotional power. Much more, we love its mood-boosting benefits as it favors the release of endorphins that helps us melt not only fats but also PMS symptoms like moodiness.

Guilt-Free and Easy-Peasy One-Pan Meals Demo by Chef Len Ding

Eating healthy never goes out of trend, well, not my world!  Thus, the demo was such an added treat. Busy moms may opt to get their fixes from franchised restos but not re-thinking if it is best for them or their family.  I'm hoping this could beam some importance to all moms out there, me included.

Well, there are a lot of recipes out there which can aid us prepare nutritious, satisfying yet can be considered good food.  Just like what Len Santos-Ding told us during the event,

Chef Len was the mom chef instructor who believes that a deliciously healthy meal doesn’t have to be boring by incorporating real and whole ingredients that are not hard to prepare at all.

Len started catering when she was 19 while taking up BS HRA in UP Diliman. She enhanced her food knowledge and skills, and finished a two-year culinary program at CCA Manila. From then on, she continued to promote nutritious meals recipes but not intimidating for the family. Her love for nourishing food has shaped her lifestyle and it’s the same motivation that drives her to efficiently manage their family catering business Feed 5000. Len also teaches at Heny Sison Culinary School, contributes recipes to Yummy magazine, and holds regular cooking and baking workshops in Feed 5000 Kitchen Studio at Ayala Alabang Village.

On top of her many jobs, Len is a super mom and like many others, she only wants the best for her family and loved ones. She prepares foods that are high in nutritive value, infused with antioxidants and good fats. “If your body is not starved for nutrition, it doesn’t crave junk food,” adds Len.

“Preparing healthy meals start from grocery shopping. Choose food that is real and fresh but just as satisfying. It should give you energy throughout the day,” she added. Len’s tip: Choose easy to prepare recipes so you don’t get discouraged halfway through and opt for fast food.

So, how can we not love Jeunesse Anion?

Jeunesse Anion understands that moms have a plateful of things to do both at home and at work, but busy is not an excuse. Besides, we think that being at our absolute best self is the ultimate gift we can give to our family. And when during that special time of the month comes, make sure you’re armed with Jeunesse Anion sanitary napkin and liner that helps to eliminate bacteria, odor, and relieve menstrual discomforts such as cramps and dysmenorrhea.   Since it’s also the first anion sanitary napkin available in the retail market with quick absorbing top sheet and breathable material made of virgin pulp cotton, there’s actually no excuse to feel crappy about exercise and preparing your own meals. Much more, its non-liniment material helps fight vaginal infections or irritations that’s guaranteed safe for pregnant women and new moms.

So , let me ask then, are you ready?  Do you have that extra energy? Can you cope up with the "now" lifestyle?

I AM! And living #positivelybetter, all thanks to Jeunesse Anion.


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