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Chimara Feel Good Kitchen Now in UP Town Center

Feeling blah or listless?

I can be so sure you are grabbing a big chunk of chocolate right now?  Or running to your coffee-maker trying to fix your downtime.  Yeah?  This are just two of the proofs that there is really a link between food and mood.  Want more proofs?

Think of Noche Buena, the meal that leaves you as sleepy as a dose of Valium. Then there's the grande mocha latte; does anything else pick you up quite like a drink that combines two caffeine-saturated food in one foamy cup? And when you're feeling low—your hard drive just detonated, your credit cards are maxed out, your college freshman just arrived home...yadah, yadah, but you don't reach for salads, do you? No, you grab a chocolate, because that's what makes you feel better.

While my suggestions at the article "Ways to Knock Off Life's Bleak Moments"  help a foul mood, let's face it, sometimes you just want to eat your troubles away. Well, why not? There's actually a scientific evidence that some food can alter your brain chemistry.

That's probably why the term "feel-good food" was crafted.  These are food to help you feel better. Rather than coining the term healthy or vegan, Chimara's creators (Taters Group) used this to make a different movement in the food industry.

That's just L-O-V-E!  

Their logo (green and white heart-shaped Yin-Yang) defines their goals in coming up with Chimara Feel Good Kitchen.

When asked about our good mood food, most of us would say chocolates, cookies, pizza, burgers etc, etc...Then ending up feeling guilty or even worse.

When high-carbohydrate food isn't bogged down by the presence of protein or fat, they allow an amino acid called tryptophan to flood your brain, where it morphs into serotonin, a neurotransmitter that boosts mood and curbs food cravings (such as your chocolate yearnings). As a bonus, it helps you tolerate pain and can even help you sleep like a baby. And all that happens in just half an hour.

This is why, I'm for Chimara's menu, which serves less fatty food, protein and refined sugar.


That's basically how they operate, serving up food that are hearty in serving, all-day fresh (non-GMO) and no compromising on flavors.

You can actually observe how your panini, salad or other meal options are being prepared on their open kitchen.

And you'll be surprised on how fast your order is served and will cordial smiles:)

So Kawaii and heart-warming.

Whatever you're mood or feeling or kinda needing in your diet, they have suggestions on their menu. Thus, getting your fix is easy.

On our visit I felt like being "adventurous" in my food option so I picked the one suggested which is Pepper Maple Chicken.  Other options says "Having Brain Drain," Feeling Healthy, Tummy Troubles and so on...

For my niece who grew up in Milan, Spicy Tuna Pomodoro.  Pomodro sauce fettuccine topped with tuna, olives and parmesan is served with their famous Tofu chips, as well as the other dishes.

Her mom, my SIL, had Sweet Chili Beef Salad.  A  serving of  Faux Beef Chili is topped on a bed of salad consisting of corn, shredded carrots, tomatoes, beet root, onions, lettuce and tofu chips.  The salad is glazed with a sweet and tangy mango vinaigrette.

Your salad can be turned into pita wraps as a different meal option.  This is the version of the previous salad, Sweet Chili Beef Salad, wrapped inside a pita bread.  P200 for the wrap and P210 for the plated salad.

My Pepper Maple Chicken in Wrap (P 220), is a beautiful layer of maple-marinated grilled chicken and lettuce and filled in generously with healthy treats such as Fuji apples, raisins, cucumber, carrots, and sunflawer seeds for that extra crunch and texture. The pepper maple vinaigrette adds a subtle spicy kick to it.  This is so filling and delish, with added good carbs from Heart-y Pop (popcorn from Taters).

These were all under the COLD and FRESH selection.

While the HOT and SAVORY, like with the aforementioned, can also be taken differently - Panini, Rice and Pasta.

My brother, who is Milan-based was quite thrown off guard, but was happy getting new and out-of-the-box healthy menu.  He had a Faux Beef Salpicao Panini (P170) and Tofu Onion Soup (P 85).

Hotel-kind onion soup, mover over!  They mastered fixing up tofu which complemented even soft and sweet onion shreds.

My husband tried the Faux Beef on rice (P 180), you can have the rice ordered either steamed or fried in garlic.  Plating was weird yet fascinating as it was with some tofu chips.


 Another dish you need to try under  HOT and SAVORY is the Soy Ginger Chicken.  For those who love Asian flavors, this is for you.  Whether on a panini, on rice or pasta, soy-ginger infused chicken breasts with peanuts, carrots and snow peas pack a whole punch of flavor.  Paninis can either be ordered with a side munchies of choice, either a Heart-y Pop, Veggie and Fruit Chips or Tofu Chips.

For the sweet-toothed, fret not, they also have cookies and desserts, but still quipped on the healthier side.  We enjoyed these cranberry oat chips so much, we regretted not ordering for pasalubong.

Their cookies were crunchy and dense, packed with rolled oats, nuts and dried berries.

 Aside from the whole concept, they are also generous in giving out promotions for the diners, When you order Onion Soup together with any from the cold and hot menu, you get a glass of Alkaline Lemonade.

But since we love having a lot of alkaline in our body, we ordered a pitcher of Alkaline Lemonade fro the whole gang to enjoy.

For a balanced diet, our body need to acquire the optimal level of alkalinity (good pH) as opposed to having acidic (bad pH) base.

This pitcher is so thirst-quenching as the lemon juice were mixed in Alkaline-rich water and with cucumber slices gracing the mix.

I Am Calm is so delish
I'm a juice-babe, with a powerful juicer at home, I've grown to love juicing and how it makes my health better.  Thus, getting my feel-good meal is even better paired with a refreshing concoction from Chimara.

With their Infusions at Php180 Lean/Php150 Large, you can savor the goodness from fresh fruits and veggies without ease.

‘I Am Calm’ (for tranquility) – consists of apple, carrot and ginger

‘I Am Wise’ (for clarity) – consists of mango, apple and tomato

‘I Am Strong’ (for immunity) – consists apple, beetroot and carrot

‘I Am Super’ (for vitality)- consists of romaine lettuce and apple

You can also bring home their munchies...I love the tofu chips, great with hummus or pesto cheese dip.

Tofu Chips

Healthy is the new yummy!

Knowing what's best for you, health-wise and mood-wise, that you can definitely enjoy, is such a win-win situation, both for you and the others connected to you. So what say you?  Join our bandwagon!

We surely loved our dining experience here"


Address:  Ground Floor, UP Town Center,
                Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City


Chimara Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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