Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ways to Knock Off Life's Bleak Moments

So I woke up feeling the sunlight bright on my face, almost blinded my eyes as they were still puffy and sensitive from crying last night.  Avoiding to wake my hubby up even though it's already way past 8 in the morning, I closed my eyes again, not minding the time nor my dog looking at me.

Then he moved, turned his face on me and hugged me, then I cried and said softly "nalulungkot ako" (I feel sad).  He could hardly understand me murmuring those words as I could hardly speak them myself as I burst into tears.

The reason of my morning being sad is yearning to have more time with my family, my family based in Milan that is.  Bhogs and I had another trip to the airport to send my brother off back to Milan, with his wacky wife and their lovely miracle daughter.  For me, the airport signals either excitement (from happiness) or sadness.  Either you will love going there or not!  This time it's a NOT!  Like most of our times spent here sending off loved ones.

My brother and his family on a visit to Luna Museum

You might say that's a puny worry compared to what you are going through!  Whatever it is we may be going through, there's always a hurtful backstory.  But no matter what it may seem, you can still choose to move on and despite what you are feeling, even if it's depressing, you can still choose to BE HAPPY.

I know it's not easy, you can’t just will yourself to “snap out of it,” you know, but you do have more control than you realize, even if your feeling too low upon your situation.  I'm here to help, as it took me a lot of strength and every ounce of happiness left. to do this.  In fact, I was welling up when I started to write this.

Here are some things I draw from my resources that might help you start out getting better.

1.  Listen to happy songs, songs that uplift your spirit, and keep your faith up

2.  Clean the house up.

This worked for some people me in a big way. When depressions are at their worst, you may find yourself unable to do brain work, but you probably can do body things.  I remember a co-worker before telling me how she would scrub clean all the pots and pans in their kitchen when she feels down.

And yup, I got down and dirty...

3. Check your photos and re-visit your favorite or most recent trip.

Our Pagudpud Family Tour
4.  Cook something, and don't let yourself nor your family starve.

Yes!  I did cook, in fact, I cooked lunch and meryenda and took it a notch by preparing my kids lunch "baon" to be cooked in the morning.  Do check my IG account for some of my food photos.

5. Do Yoga or attend in one.

6. Limit Social Media stalking.  

7. Try to draw, paint, or even write a poem.

8.  Blog, if you don't have one, start to make one.  Though if it isn't for you, consider making a journal or writing a diary.  But I would suggest you talk about good things that happened rather than contemplating with your bad situation.

9.  Consider getting enough mood food.

Psychological studies say eating right may boost mental health.  So boost up on foods that are rich on Omega 3 fatty acids (fish, nuts, seeds, algae oil), B vitamins (meat, eggs, seafood, green leafy vegetables, legumes and whole grains), Vitamin D (sun exposure; fortified breakfast cereals, breads, juices, milk), Selenium (cod, Brazil nuts, walnuts, poultry), Tryptophan (protein sources including turkey, beef, eggs, some dairy products, dark, leafy greens).

10. Juice your way to health too. With some of the ingredients above combined for juicing, not only will you feel better inside, it will increase your way back to increased immune system and cope up with energy losses.

11. Call a friend!  Passe or not, this is the best way of connected and catch up.

12. Try a new restaurant.  

May I suggest 7107 Culture + Cuisine?

13. Play, hug, kiss your dog, or pet.

14. Check out your crush' pictures.

Kit Harrington of GOT
15. Watch kids' videos...If this won't make you laugh then you really need to go to a doctor.`

16. Delight in the Lord, soak up in His Words and He'll surely bless you, not only with happiness but pure joy...

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Thus, signing of from July and stepping into another month...with positive thoughts and a light heart, full of expectations!

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