Sunday, August 28, 2016

Our Top Three Restaurant that Start with P

P is definitely not a strong letter when it comes to describing food.

Let us see, can you think of words beginning with the letter P that has a connection with food or dining.  I can think of some...

Poach, peach, pickle, prune, peanut, pepper, pint, pili, produce (as in farm-grown).  Okay, that's a lot, but not that much....I'm sure there's more.

So when I realized right after checking my photo library that I have stored photos of our dining jaunts to certain restaurant, I noticed there were several restaurants beginning with P that I haven't really featured yet.  Only cause I can't seem to find enough time to write about each of them, so I collated them here in one sweeping post.

Patriccio's Cevicheria

Contrary to what I've read about it being closed.

They are very much alive and keeping up with the neighborhood's craving for ceviche or kinilaw.  Probably the only resto in Manila that specializes in ceviche and kinilaw, Patricio's Cevicheria never failed to give us quality fresh fish soaked in their specialty vinegar.


Passion Chinese Restaurant is the go-to dining spot for fine-dining Cantonese cuisine.  In spite of being an avante-garde in the field and being its location within Maxims Hotel, I find the place as family-friendly as can be.

Their diners are mix groups, business people having meetings while on lunch or dinner, family and relatives celebrating milestones and special occasions, or just people trying to indulge themselves over a buffet spread.

This is one restaurant in Resorts World Manila, my husband and I frequent to.  Even though their price is a bit steep considering their location and the top-notched quality of their menu, we would never tire going back.  Specially now that traffic going to Binondo is horrific.

I love their huge oriental-style pendant lights and the wall arts adorning the huge hall.

My favorite, aside from their Birthday Noodles and Bird's Nest Soup  is the Deep-fried Boneless Chicken with Sesame Seeds and Lemon Sauce.

Their Dimsum Soup is also something for that light and budget-friendly meal.  

Green tea is bottomless, brw.

Passion - Maxims Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Pho Hoa

When caught on those times you're craving for Vietnamese Pho and missing Puerto Princesa oh so badly, Pho Hoa is the answer.

Pho Hoa must have been really good, as they now have a total of 26 branches in Manila.  Though I'm not sure if they are all branches or franchised outlets.

Amongst the different Pho, my favorite is the Pho Chin Nam.  It's a mix of beef brisket and beef flank.  Though I still find Bona's authentic, and comes next to none, this version of pho at Pho Hoa is spot on!  The broth not that spicy is a perfect mix of Asian herbs and spices made even more strong with the addition of fresh Sweet Basil.  

The beef cutlets are soft and tender and also flavorful with a finished subtle sweetness.  Don't forget to mix in the mongo sprouts for that added crunch and texture and a drizzle of fresh lemon juice heightens your pho experience up a notch.

Ga Nuong, Glazed Chicken on Rice

It's also nice that they have rice plates for those who seem to prefer rice dishes over pho.  However, my husband didn't quite enjoy his Glazed Chicken.  His not a fan of sweet and savory seasoned chicken.  Though their fried rice is good too.

The restaurant's ambiance is so relaxing with all the light green, yellow and orange details from the pendant lights to the walls down to the mismatched chairs.  But, they could always improve on the service and fast serving of food.  This goes to some of the branches I've tried too.


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