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Afternoon High Tea by Twinings at Cafe Midori

I was once asked if I was a coffee or tea drinker, I was caught unaware really.  Why do I need to choose?  I love drinking both, sometimes, I'm in the mood for a home-made espresso or a drip-coffee from a third wave coffee bar, but sometimes I just want to cozy up at home with a warm cup of tea.

But when I really have to choose, I would weigh it perhaps with each health benefits.  And arguably, tea it is.  Accordingly tea contains antioxidants and compared to coffee, it has less caffeine.

It was timely to have had a first look at Midori Hotel and celebrate my love for tea with none other than Twinings.  Being Midori's Tea of choice for it's timeless quality for over 300 years, what greater to learn more about tea and Twinings than with a high tea experience at Midori Cafe.  

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Do you know that in London there exists Twinings historic tea shop and museum?  It's located at the city of Westminster and I just like that, I added another entry to my bucket list.

I've always thought of drinking tea as for the affluent, as it was first and foremost fashioned by royalties and were served during parties.   And it is in England were Twinings started.  Tea have reached England in 1615 but it was only 1701 that tea business was fortified under the name of Thomas Twining in his prime age of 26.

And what do you know, you even have to be a coffee afficionado first to have discovered Twinings tea at his time, as it was sold first at Tom's Coffee House (which now is converted to Twinings Tea Museum).  Twinings then became the favorite drink of the aristocrats.

That same afternoon, we were all challenged with our knowledge with tea and drinking it.  We were taught how to properly brew our tea.  I didn't realize that brewing time depends on the kind of tea you want.  As long as I know, I just read on the labels and switch on the timer until my cup is ready.  No matter hos sophisticated, I would be at times hard-headed and just leave two tea bags on the fridge for two nights before I would make cold tea drinks out of them, that's cold brewing FYI.

There had been some myth on the difference of high tea to afternoon high tea, It can be served at any time between 3:30 and 6 in the afternoon, around a kitchen table or in a drawing room with elegant chairs. Whether afternoon tea, high tea or some more exotic variant, confusion often arises as to exactly what each involves. The only constant is the tea (to drink).  

For the British, high tea is important, whether you belong to the upper class or to the working class, tea is still their drink.  High tea is actually more than just tea drinking, it evolved into some sort of meal and how it's served together with food varies from class to class.

In hotels, high tea had been adapted as well, served typically at 3 pm to 5 pm and with a choice of a pot of tea are pastries, scones and mini sandwiches.

Ahem...before you dig in to the three-level tray of goodness, you might want to consider the hierarchy of eating it.  Make sure to get the ones at the bottom layer first.  Often,  hor d'oeuvres or mini savory sandwiches are laid on it.

While making sure of holding your tea cup and saucer the proper way, make sure you don't pile your mouth with a whole scone. With a pinky pointed upward holding the handle of a beautifully-crafted tea cup and your scone sliced in the middle, spread enough cream and jam on one of the slice and make sure to share the other half to your company, well, that's the classy way of doing it, the British way.  

After you've finished up with your scones, it's now time for the sweet-endings.  Don't you just love seeing these colorful plate of pastries?

Chef Alen Angeles and Chef Marcos Dungca 

Expect more flavors more than the high tea at Cafe Midori and Midori Hotel's upcoming restaurants and bars.  Expect modern and classic cuisines from their in house chefs.  If Manila is becoming more open to molecular gastronomy, expect the same with Midori Hotel.

If you want to see more of Midori, visit my previous blog, as I did a quick tour with some media friends.  

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Address:  C.M. Recto Avenue,
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