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Healthy Mommas Retreat on Mothers Who Brunch's First Anniversary

I'm a self-taught nurse, alternative medicine practitioner, cook, baker, even gardener and a teacher (however, I did take up BS in Education at DLSU).  Most moms are!  We, moms, are the first person our kids go to if they feel something wrong within them.  Most of the time even handling first aid becomes an instinct only to see our loved ones relieved from pain or from a problem.

All that and more.

With that said, moms need to be healthy as well and have to be armed with information to combat every problem at home (as in up to the littlest of details).  Whew!  Thanks to Google and FB!

So, how then can a self-proclaimed health enthusiast (that's me) say no to an invitation by fellow moms to a day of health-retreat?

It's always a good day being with other moms specially if you share a common ground.  Last May 28, all of the invited moms looked forward to learning more about keeping up with good health, staying a happy wife, and getting "me time."

There are many elements in the invitation of "The Mothers Who Brunch" who got me really interested in joining (even if I had to leave a day of work and home chores).  For one, I love Cintai by Coritos Garden, and being back there meant out-checking a box in my "To-do Again list." Another is to get to know Sab and Mish more, and the others.

Read about my first visit here
Sabrina Cristobal-Go (Sinfully Sabrina) and Michelle Aventajado (Momma N' Manila) are the bloggers behind Mothers Who Brunch. I've always thought of not being in league with them as I often do brunches.  Never a morning that I had not thought of breakfast and lunch for the family, and brunches might not be enough for me to do all my responsibilities.  But these "wonder-moms" proved me wrong.

On the Healthy Mommas Retreat, we were brought to Cintai Coritos Garden on a luxurious coaster from  DNS Group.  A light breakfast have been provided as well, and let me dazzle you with this -a bottle of fruit infused water from The Juice Barista and yummy granola bar from Maggie of The Little Whisk (not in the photo coz I gobbled it up in an instant, damn good!).

As soon as we got there, we were served with a glass of calamansi juice from the resort. (I'm guessing two parts calamansi juice and one part water, so you might get an idea how it may be).

Waited and chatted a while with Mia of So True Naturals and Joey of 80 Breakfasts as we waited for the onset of the event.

Joined by two awesome mommy bloggers, we then were called by Mish' daughter to transfer to the event hall and I then felt the kicks, since it was my first time to attend a MWB fab events.  But beforehand, we had our head shots, then the giddiness dropped a bit and I became shy, (I actually didn't really prepare for this day, I looked awful with swollen eye bags and lifeless skin from days of sleep deprivation).

The excitement was built up upon seeing our tables lavishly set up by the very talented Indy of She Dreams in Ink

I couldn't be happier seeing my name secured on this box, which happened to be one of a motley of treats all of us received from the lovely duo and their generous friends.

With the two lovely ladies' opening remarks we were all invited to say something, something about our health hacks at home.  The afternoon indeed was a pool of healthy info, we all could apply and even share. After all,  life is short to realize at the end that having a sound health is a prime way to combat life's stress and to really live out life.

The last to give her health advise was the owner of Cintai, Patricia Palma Gil-Poniente, whom many know as Pattie.  Aside from managing the resort, Pattie also is a Barre3 and Spin instructor, an Ashtangi and Yoga teacher. a restaurateur and wellness warrior.  She also blogs about all these at A Slice of Pattie.

Pattie, dauntless in her health advocacy is very assertive in how Kombucha benefits everyone. Pronounced as "kahm-BOO-cha," is a tea fermented with a certain kind of bacteria.  Many people swear by its health-giving benefits and even as an answer to different ailments.

This sort of elixir has that sweet, vinegary taste that somehow looks weird in its fermentation stage in a huge bottle. Pattie brews her own and had been harvesting baby scoby to make more kombucha. She actually sells them in 500 ml bottles at Crisp on the 28th, Sprout and this FB page: Au Naturale Kombucha Tea of Life by Pattie.

According to her, Kombucha can aid in boosting one's immune system, a good detox agent and a good after-work out drink (as it gives you more energy).  Many would also attest that it's better than dieting, for a regular doze can increase metabolism.  Because it's rich in probiotics, you gain better health and immunity by having a healthy gut. thus, getting rid of auto-immune diseases.

I have actually read about it before but I didn't realize it's already available her in Manila.

After having a sample of Pattie's Kombucha, the day proceeded with the cooking demo, MWB have been famed of, though this time it's about preparing healthy but easy recipes, with the help of Severin and Braun kitchen machines.

Sab and Mish began with smoothies...

TROPICAL GREEN SMOOTHIE - pineapple, mango, banana, strawberries,  milk, vanilla extract, malungay/spirulina powder.

BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE - blueberry, maca powder, bananas, almond milk,cinnamon

CHOCOLATE-DIPPED STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE - strawberry, avocado, cacao nibs, almond milk, vanilla, cacao nibs

MANGO POMELO PUDDING - mango, ripe pomelo, milk, coconut milk, chia seeds


What could be lovelier than attending a demo as such without sampling each of these?  With all the combi, everything were delish, not to forget healthy!

Together with the cook out was a little info about superfood provided by The Super Foodgrocer.

Then the B-R-U-N-C-H...

They really did a great job with the recipes and with the spread of fresh vegetables for a DIY wrap sandwich.  Look ay what I particularly love spreading Sab's Hummus on one side of the pita bread.

Cintai was so gracious serving us a bounty for brunch.  the earthy flavors from this comforting bowl of Creamy mushroom soup left me wanting more and perked me up for the next course.

Pomelo and Shrimp Salad is a refreshing break from the warm soup.

I also had Chicken Parmigiana and Sauteed Gralic Broccoli and some fresh fruits.

Some surprises were provided by Braun and Severin for us, as they gave away these cool boxes to chosen bloggers with the best IG posts.

It's all about wellness and wholeness, and beauty is essentially a part of this. This I need badly, knowing how to take back a few years of my age.  All thanks to Rhia of Beautique Manila for sharing us her secret to looking young.  With wrinkle-free face, a smile, she broke the secret and showed us Up and Up. It's a serum, a special ready-to-mix gel-based mask that tightens the skin, lessening wrinkles and smoothening every part of your skin.

To show us how fast and effective Up and Up is, she dotted some on Noeme Dado's face and after a few minutes, her face shined and kind of magically erased some of her lines.  Well, it instantly won me over, that's for sure.

She also shared another product which everyone will love- Spider Puff Cleanser.  I can't wait to use them both.

Three things are needed for beauty, wholeness, harmony, and radiance.  That's according to James Joyce.  It's about loving your self no matter what size you have.  When you know you're taking care of your body (health), you manifest love in your family and marriage specially, you radiate that to others.

The Plump Pinays stressed that as they shared how they have grown to love themselves despite being joked on because of their built.

These pretty twins have been inspiring more and more women be whole and be radiantly beautiful inside and out.

Our wellness and health retreat capped off with a foot massage right at the very garden of Cintai.

Again, many thanks to the lovely ladies of Mothers who Brunch for graciously hosting yet another wonderful brunch (and a successful one a that) for moms like me.

Follow their brunching trails at You TubeFacebook.and Instagram.

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