Thursday, June 16, 2016

Unstuffed During our Stay-cation at Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern

Have you heard of "unstuffing" your life from all the physical, emotional clutter that have been weighing you down?  Modern life just makes us so stuffed with physical clutter that has been filling up our home and getting overwhelmed by the things that goes on in our lives.

These comes in overbooked schedule that sometimes feels out of your control. Then you become frustrated by trying to live up to other people’s expectations, of what your home is supposed to be or how you need to run your business or do your job, worst on how you should be the "super mom" you want to be.

Are you tired of guilt and exhausted by relationships that seem to suck the life out of you?

If this is you, then high five to that, coz, well, I'm definitely that person too!

What we need is a room for our soul to breathe, to be set free from overwhelm, and free from the expectations of a world consumed by STUFF.  

What we need is a breather, what we need is a weekened staycation without leaving kids so far.

But if, like me, constrained in family budget and less "me time," a simple overnight lay off at a lux but very affordable hotel can be an answer.

Want to get that five-star hotel halt without paying for a real five-star hotel?  

Better believe it cause it's possible.

It happened to us, and it was beyond blessings that I got to recharge and get unstuffed (even for a while) with my husband at the only featured hotel right at the very fringe of Greenhills.

I'm referring to Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern.

I'm more than happy to share our mom-and-dad (without kids) experience here at Elan.  For one, it's the only hotel in the premise which happens to be where the action is.  Like Greenhils, it's always a place to keep you excited about with the lively environment but feeling right down at home. In fact, aside from being a hotel, there are some units that are condo type.

When I mentioned our need for a "room" to declutter my life with, I wasn't just metaphorical about it, turned out that it became literal. I can summarize our staycation at this hotel as- having a good time not worrying about the hustle and bustle.

Together with my husband, we where whisked off for a sheltered weekend before the crazy week when school starts.  Sheltered at Elan's world-class Presidential One-bedroom Suite on the 37th floor, we were provided with a scenic view of Wack-wack Golf and Country Club and the city-scape.

Upon entry, the dining area with the classy wooden set of table and chairs greeted us and opens up to the living room over-looking the city of San Juan.

The living room is equipped with a wall-mount 32-inch LED TV and comfy leather-lined couches. So perfect for receiving guests and hosting an intimate get-together with friends over high-tea.

The bedroom, like the living room was sunlit, illuminating all the lights coming from the outside but inclemented by a powerful (huge) AC in front of the big bed. 

On the king-sized bed, I lied and fragmented the things that have been happening in my life, as I waited for my husband. 

I didn't blog.  

I didn't read any books either,

I prayed, I thanked God for giving me the strength that I have come this far, in my parenting life, in my marriage life and in my blogging years.

For me, it's the best thing to really see within me, within the stuffed life that I have and how God walked me through it and have been so this far.

From being laid to sitting on one side of the bed while gazing at the city life over the floor-to-ceiling windowscape, I saw a flashback of my life, back to when I was struggling to see myself, struggling to win back freedom and trying to get away from the pains caused by life.

Well, no it wasn't that dramatic and it didn't cause me to drop not even one tear, it gave me smiles and then everything became clearer.  What needed to be prioritized, what needed to be thrown out of the door and what needed fixing. Our's is not a perfect marriage and I'm not the best mom, not even a famous blogger, but it's enough to know that I have improved and I somehow knew what path to take on my journey.

All thanks to Elan Hotel's stellar room and exceptional hotel service, decluttering my life  (though challenging) was an awakening.

Apart from taking a luxurious nap, which I have been denying myself of, all my life, I was purposeful of doing nothing.  Then I gave in enjoying the art of doing nothing but watching TV and munching on fresh pili nuts from The Cracking Monkey.

I could say Elan's signature rooms were ideal for starting your way to decluttering, for one, though not really zen-like, the rooms gives off that relaxing feel, which has less clutter but more practical items.

It's like living in the midst of the busy city life but being cradled like your a baby-boss. 

Nothing quite like soaking on warm bubble bath while basking in the soothing light of the sky.  I've been to a lot of hotels, but not all of them gives this kind of amenity-bath tub.  All rooms has it and includes an office desk, extra pillows, even though the bed has more two already, hygiene kit, coffee and tea bar, and more. 

With the free WIFI provided I soundedly finished some of my blogging duties and organized my schedules and plans for the coming weeks and months.

How's that for re-arranging your life and removing some baggages (physical, emotional and spiritual) by untuffing at Elan?

Are you ready to take this challenge on yourself too?  Oh wait, let me rephrase my question.

Are you ready to be unstuffed at Elan without burning a hole in your pocket and costing you a week-full of groceries?

Here's our surprise to you!

Start booking your chosen room for a 30% discount on their published rates, when you book at their website by typing in the PROMO CODE suggested above the poster.  This applies to all their room types and can not be added to other promos the hotel has.  Bookings accommodated from May 15 to December 30, 2016.

Book HERE!

Also, with the marketing's kindness I was able to go around the hotel and was shown the different room types.

Here are some of the hotel's other room categories:

Superior Room (P 4,200++ Published Rate)

Deluxe Room (P 4,500++ Published Rate)

Superior DeLuxe (P 4,700++)

Executive Suite (P 6,400++)

Amenities include:


Pool Deck:

Buffet/dining/even area by the pool

Jacuzzi at the pool deck

Event Halls

Breakfast is served at Cafe Elan located at the ground floor, next to the lobby.

Check out our breakfast experience HERE.


Address: 49 Annapolis, San Juan,
               1600 Metro Manila
Phone:(02) 744 7979


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