Sunday, June 5, 2016

Midori Hotel: More Than Luxury

Pampanga has taken a cosmopolitan make-over.

Holding fast to Pampanga's heritage charm is a new modernistic hotel that boasts of unparalleled luxury.  It may be a compelling distinctiveness, the old and the new, can somehow work in a manner that can not only bring more tourists but also enterprise.

Come July 1, Midori Hotel will open its doors to the public alongside its in-house casino and a medley of different facilities.

This sounds great to travelers using Clark International Airport which is fairly 8 minutes away, while for those Manila settlers in dire need of a vacation not too far from Manila, it's only one and a half hours or so.

Clark International Airport takes in regular domestic flights to and from Cebu City and international direct flights to Doha, Incheon, Macau, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

A coherent physical identity that's truly unique is the simultaneous application of both Taiwanese culture and modern vibe.  As this is a sole company owned by Taiwanese businessmen.

Though not so evident, the application of balance, the Yin and Yang, was important in building and even in their manner of running the hotel service business.  But what stunned me was the architectural elements used inside and outside the two conjoined buildings.

Think plenty of wood, including the exposed wooden beams, semi polished planks on some walls, black wall paints, nude color palettes against expensive granite floors, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, maximizing water and outdoor views.  And I'm just describing the capacious lobby, everyone would be welcomed with.

The huge industrial light fixtures draws your eyes upward and then invites you to complement the beautiful exposed wooden scantlings.

Upon entry, Cafe Midori lays open for you to lounge and have some tea or coffee. 

To bring balance, metal fashions are placed on strategic places, which still indicate minimalism.

Together with the elements of Feng Shui, light is another one that seemed to be eminent, natural light from sunlight, that is.

Still unfinished, the pool and garden areas.

Taken from the second level is the view of the swimming pool still being finished.  In the expanse of the lot behind will rise in the future, the country's biggest with state-of-the-art water park.  

It was such an honor to be part of the batch to have a first look of the hotel in it's barest but pristine condition.  Though not yet 100% complete, we, the media who have had a tour inside Midori were undeniably in awe of the place.  A definite unique take on a hotel with 5-star standards and luxurious living is what the people behind it has been boasting of.

Come take a peek with me...

Entrance to Baccus Lounge

Inside Baccus Lounge

Baci Bar and Outdoor ledge outside Baccus Lounge

There are so many things to love about Midori's design, and one of them are these roof windows honoring the skylight and using it's full potential making the buildings environmentally conscious.   

The Fiesta Hall

Built with lavishing glass wall stairs, a high ceiling, spacious lobby, and a magnificently lit party area, the Fiesta Hall is surely the perfect venue to celebrate the best times of your life.  It has a total area of 1,323.4 sqm this ball can hold a maximum of 400 seating capacity.

Aside from Cafe Midori, Baccus Lounge and Baci Bar, Toscana Dining will soon open.  Cigar Maduro (Cigar Lounge), Business Center, Spa and Fitness Center, Outdoor Swimming pool, KTV Clubs and Mahjong rooms will also be part of their long list of facilities.

The Rooms...

Superior Room

The 42 sqm area of the Super Rooms define simple luxury and comfort on a class of its own.  Who wouldn't want wooden floors, straightforward simplicity in the design but underlines high tech necessities, such as an office desk, multi-function media hub, an in-room safety deposit box that can fit your Mac or any laptop, dual line phones and Hi-Def LED TV.

Wooden bed lined with Sealy Pocket Sprung mattress is their bed of choice.  Sealy being one of the top names in the mattress industry is breathable and is said to provide good support for all sleepers, with a level of comfort that will send you straight into the land of nod.

Have you ever heard of the open bathroom concepts for bedrooms?

It's actually the trend now in modern living, especially in Hongkong.  I'm not aware of this until it was mentioned by the marketing officer touring us around Midori, but I felt contented since we have that concept in our newly built room at home.

In all the 111 units in Midori, all the bathrooms doesn't need a door, except in the shower and lavatory, where mostly are encased in glass.  This makes the room even more spacious.

 Deluxe room

I can see myself lazing in the comfy bed while watching a good movie or two inside Midori's Presidential Suite.  The no fuss 366.7 sqm rooms are wide enough for ultimate relaxation while either on a business or leisure.  The same high end amenities with the Superior rooms but an exciting surprise awaits every guests.

Will a bath tub on the balcony give you the inkling that this room is not for everyone?  Not for the faint of hearts maybe, possible for the ones seeking a different kind of luxury.

Exciting times ahead here at Clark, Pampanga...

With the casino on a different building, and more bespoke amenities for the guests, I'm sure this will be added to many tourist destinations.

On our visit to the hotel, an afternoon high tea event was held for the guest hosted by Twinings Tea.

Read about that on my next post.


Address:  C.M. Recto Avenue,
                Clark Freeport Zone.
               Pampanga, Philippines

Contact Numbers:  +63 45 308-8888


  1. Wow! This hotel looks spacious and beautiful with modern facilities. This post just gave me an away to spend a staycation here with my family since it's only in Pampangga. At least we can escape Manila for a weekend. :)

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