Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Filipino Breakfast Spread at Elan Cafe

Waking up in a hotel is always something that is worth-anticipating for.  No matter how knocked off I was at my room in Elan, getting up early was a bit exciting.  Why?  Well, buffet breakfast of course!

After the sumptuous cheesecake I had on the day I checked in, I knew, our stay here at Elan is more than just lazing at after navigating our way back from the shopping hoopla at Greenhills. But more then the lux comfort, the food is also something worth trying out for, and worth waking up early for.

Tucked in at the ground floor of Elan Hotel, the cafe a bit secluded boasts of a great wall with water cascading on two sides, rendering a relaxing atmosphere.

 Though Elan may have not reached its heyday yet but rest assured they are at your disposal for a dining pleasure.

I'm a bread person as much as a rice person in the morning, so whether you're up for a heavy sandwich or just a toast to go with your deli, this spot of the buffet can be just as satisfying. Make sure to try their warm, freshly-baked and springy pan de sal.

Butter of course...

Or some jams and peanut butter for your dose of PBandJ sandwich.

On that same chef corner, you can have your noodles cooked, the way you want it and with whatever you want in it.  You can also have your eggs cooked here.  No breakfast can ever be the same without a good runny, well-cooked omelette or sunny-side ups.

For your viands that goes well with your rice (either plain steamed or  fried in garlic), these sauces and dips truly defines Filipino diners right!

Rice, rice, rice.  Well our kind of rice may also define us somehow, or our mood for the day particularly.  Sometimes, congee or "lugaw" can be as much as integral for breakfast as much as our regular cooked rice dishes.

Plain and beautiful hot rice, or fried?

Longanisa and palabok.  Palabok?  Well, why not?

Breaded Chicken Chunks and much to my surprise, sauteed ampalaya in egg.

Breaded Pork Balls and Sweet and Sour Fish.

Looking like a fiesta buffet, they sometimes would include spring rolls in the spread.

Fresh juices...

Desserts for the sweet toothed is another amazing surprise in the buffet.

Surely a fiesta buffet, where else can you find a good maja blanca in any hotel buffet?

Fruits nd vegetables for your morning salad, a must for me, in hotel breakfast.

Kids an delight themselves with cereals of their choice and overflowing serving of fresh milk.

So, of course, this health-junkie chose the sauteed ampalaya and more...Coffee is also served upon request and the cafe buffet for complimentary breakfast is 

Because you see, "all happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast (as said by John Gunther)."


Address  :Greenhills Elan Hotel,
               49 Annapolis Street, 
                Greenhills, San Juan City

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  1. I was just in Manila and now I am missing the food so much!!

    - Che

  2. food in elan is dirty

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