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Sunday Wandering: Hinulugang Taktak and Yellow Lantern Cafe

For just a short ride up East of Manila is a different world apart from the ones we usually sleep at night and wake up with in the morning.  Antipolo, which I knew from the song, Tayo na sa Antipolo, which we sang during my elementary years is the largest city in CALABARZON and famed for its panoramic view of the metro.

Every visit was exciting, there would always be something new to see and taste... I couldn't count the times it took my breath away with either it's delicacy or with its view. 

One "no-class" day, our Dad decided to bring the kids for a ride and see how Hinulugang Taktak is being refurbished.  On that same afternoon, I added a few spots to visit for a snack and dinner.

Hinulugang Taktak Protected Landscape was reopened on February 13 with the help of DENR.  I couldn't really say how far the falls and the adjoining rivers have been developed, since we've never been here before.

Don't be that awed yet, in spite of it's beauty, people in the surrounding areas needed to be educated on how to keep the falls clean and the government of Rizal have to do a lot to really bring it to it's natural life, if it's still probable.  Notice the bubbly water from the falls? And yes, no fish can ever survive that.

What's nice was they made a park surrounding the falls and put a public swimming pool too.  

No fees will be asked of you, but keep in mind to keep the place exceptionally clean.  The people taking care of the park were very accommodating and parking a plenty outside the park. The park is open from 7 am up to 5 pm only.

We asked the people there other tourist spot near the area or in Antipolo that we can visit, they only know a few, such as Pinto Art Museum and the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.  They also pointed where Robinsons Mall is for the restaurants, but I have somewhere else in mind.

We've been to Pinto Art Museum before so we opted not to go there anymore, though I've been meaning to go to Crescent Moon but it was closed.

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Then, I remembered Eggs for Breakfast, which we looked at Google Map.  After finding out we need to drive all the way to the end of Sumulong Hway to get to the village where it's located.  Then finding out it's also closed, maybe because it was still a holiday.

We almost ended up going to Shakey's or Jollibee just to gaze at the beautiful sunset overlooking Manila.

While looking for a place to park and eat in, I saw Cafe Lupe and a cute BnB in the vicinity with huge wall art.  While entering the parking of Cafe Lupe, I asked Bhogs to go to the next resto instead. 

My decision proved to be very comforting.  Yellow Lantern Cafe is situated at the back end of the building inside Comodaville Building along Sumulong Highway.  We quickly made our way inside the resto and headed at the high table and chairs with the unrestrained view of the Manila skyline, just in time before the sun totally set down.

Where else did the resto got its name from...the beehive yellow lantern that's sowed all over the ceiling.

The restaurant's interior is a mix of country and quirky.  There were so many things to love in the resto, such as the lemon yellow wood chairs, the busy ceiling, the scenic view and of course the menu. 

You have two options on dining here, on the open resto or on the air-conditioned rooms behind the white framed glass doors.

Yellow Lantern's menu is an infusion of American and Asian cuisines. There's a wide selection of hot and cold coffee concoctions, shakes and alcoholic drinks. They serve an All-day breakfast, pastas, sandwiches and unique entrees.

 Bhogs and I were so happy to know they serve freshly brewed coffee and they are using Kape Maria, a local brew from Pulag and Cordillera.  Bhogs had the hot brew while I got energized with a cold glass of Kape Maria from Pulag (P 75).

The kids went all out and ordered a glass of milkshake each. Above is the Chocolate and Cream Shake (P 135).

Vanilla Milkshake (P 120)

Not photographed is our Sugar-babe's Fetuccini Carbonara.  Bunso had a plate of Beef Tapa (199) with egg-topped Java rice and sauteed veggies.

Ate Danielle had Crusted Fish Fillet with Tomato Beurre Blanc Sauce (P 265).  The sole fillet is, crusted with batter and Parmesan then topped with Yellow Lantern Cafe's signature Marinara Sauce and mozzarella cheese. This was the winning dish of the night. I had the taste and my daughter and I love the sauce combi, though the fish was small for the serving. Props to the plating for putting the Java rice on a coconut shell for a show.

So if you need to have a totally unique dining experience complete with an unbeatable ambiance, I suggest this two places.  My kids had a blast during the city escape, it could have been near perfect sans the heavy traffic.

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Address:  G/F, Comodaville Building,
                267-269 Sumulong Highway, 
                Mambugan, Antipolo City
Contact Details:  02 6315648
                            02 4774168

 Yellow Lantern Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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