Monday, January 18, 2016

Kitchen for the Nails Equals Kitchenails

I could never equate kitchen and my nails all at the same.  Can you?  Any body who knows me can really tell how working at my kitchen have taken its toll on my hands and much less on my nails. It's not surprising that certain symptoms occur from everyday wear and tear or from overuse of my arms, hands and fingers from cooking, washing dishes and preparing meals for my family.

Can I say that my hands and my kitchen can be enemies and friends at the same time too? They both work hand in hand (pun intended, haha get it?) as I make way for a fun meal.  On the other hand (again sorry for the over use of the word), they can be enemies too.  After being in the kitchen for quite some time, my hands became wrinkly, dry and my nails look awful.

So it was quite a surprise to hear about a nail salon that comes with a nomenclature - Kitchenails. Who wouldn't?!  But let me say it was a genius idea, but I didn't realize it yet not after visiting their first branch in Alabang Town Center.

A visit was totally a feast for the senses. 

I love the interior with the shabby chic design, right up my alley really.  From the wooden floor to the two-toned wall painting to the spangles placed on mantle pieces above, they all speak of the comfort of the heart of every home, the kitchen.  Though I do love the couches, it could be even better if they stick to the kitchen theme by using dining chairs instead and butcher-block tables or faux granite counter as tables...well there goes my two-cents' worth.

While I was still adoring the place and seeing familiar kitchen stuff, and of course after being welcomed and seated comfortably, I was handed-over a menu, which kinda looked liked a blackboard, oh yeah, a blackboard menu, how cool! 

Yes, we're still at a spa!

I was asked to pick from Chef Specials, said to be the pampering service paired with a manicure or a pedicure.  Choices are: Lemon Squares, Candied Oranges, Spiced Plum Pannacotta, Very Berry Muffin and Key Lime Pie. Lemme remind you that I was still at a nail salon here, the list aren't ingredients or are they?  

I was really ready to have a foot spa, but the treatment was for a hand pampering.  

The idea was to experience these delighting bespoke scrubs, masks and creams inspired from the natural remedies these ingredients give.

I chose the last one, Key Lime Pie.  

Lookey, they also have cheat sheets (well, I don't really know they call it) for my pampering needs and limitations. Making every client feel their needs are really met and safety is also a priority.

The hand treatment began with a soak, in my case, my hands were soaked, not at a basin but on a baking tray, supported by a baking sheet, what's more is that the soak is prepared by mixing it in water, oh I meant whisking it in the water, of course with a plastic whisk.

After being soaked, and cleansed off, a patch of wax was then applied on my lower arms.  The scent was invigorating. What took me by surprise was that it looked to me as I was being frosted, or perhaps a batter being applied, till a clingy was wrapped around both m arms and the staff who cared for me said, "ready to be baked, Maam..."  

After 10 minutes or so, the plastic removed, arms cleansed and another uplifting citrus-scented cream was applied and my arms and hands were massaged...heaven...just what I needed working in my kitchen.

The pampering package, Chef's Specials includes, a manicure with organic and branded nail polishes or a pedicure.  Apparently, my gel polishes were still new and good so I opted not to change it, but the staff was kind enough to removed dry skin around my nails.

I haven't fully experienced their services yet, since I only had a hand treatment, but rest assured I'll check them out for you, cause I'll definitely visit them again.  This is one pampering I've definitely been craving for.  Hmmm, if only I could taste those creams, cause their insanely glorious.

Check out more photos of them below...


Address:  Alabang Town Center, behind Gerry's Grill


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