Thursday, January 14, 2016

Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown Premiers on Asia

One of the wonderful bonding moments I have with my small girls are watching cooking shows on cable and it inspired me to put more beautiful dishes on our table.  More so, it had sparked remarkably on my 10-year old daughter and made her more interested in cooking up a storm on my kitchen.  Not only that we gain more tips and tricks in making our tummies really happy, it encouraged my kids to do stuff that no regular man can do.

On that note, let me just give you an exciting news fellow cooks and bakers would be so happy about, and let me tell you how it also got us in a tizzy.

We have been seeing commercials of Man vs. Child on Skycable Ch. 65 and it never failed to give us smiles seeing the littlest chef looking like an Asian doll together with other chefs.  This brand new cooking competition will surely turn up the heat as it premiers in Asia on January 26 at 7 PM and 10 PM.

Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown is s series that features pint-sized prodigies sharing the cooking stage with veteran chefs.  This show boasted a successful debut in the U.S. and other world markets, where a team of 5 of America's most talented young chefs come against the very people they look up to- who are professional adult chefs and probably cooking longer than these kids' lifetime.

The 13-episode series is hosted by chef and television personality Adam Gertler.  Each episode is made up of three rounds of cooking set to test the competitors' abilities and mastery in the kitchen, from making sausages from scratch to preparing th perfect omelet.  Here's how the competition works, the team nominate a team-mate to face off against the expert in each challenge.  The team of kids is composed of Estie (8 yrs. old), Dylan (11), Emmalee (12) Cloyce (13) and Holden (14).
Their dishes will be tasted and commented on by the show's resident judges, Chef Mike Isabella and Chef Alia Zaine.

The series will premier with the aptly titled "Don't Under-ESTIE-mate Her," with the show's youngest chef, the then seven-year old Estie Kung, as she whips up a Korean fried chicken dish with kimchi mayonnaise and a gochujang gastrique.  As A+E Networks' Lifetime launches it's way here in Manila, the sweetheart, Chef Estie came to cheer up the media as she faced one of the Philippines' famous chef, Chef Sau del Rosario.

Estie Kung, an eight-year old half-Chinese is as precocious as any girl her age, but according to Chef Sau, she's a tough contender to challenge. Her mom had inspired her to cook even at age three, loves steaks but rarely eats chocolates and sweets. She's more into savories and can definitely threaten any chefs that would come her way, as she can cook and plate in a gourmet manner.

My daughter and I came to see the cutest chef there is and to know more about her at the Manila launch of the said show.  The event presented itself in a cook-off between the cute kitchen prodigy, Chef Estie and the country's finest, Chef Sau.

Conjointly, the show would like to resonate their "more than #JustAKid" campaign in celebration of children on Lifetime, with the intention of showcasing exceptional kids who prove that what young ones lack in experience, they make up for with creativity and enthusiasm.  Thus, children will then exceed expectations of grown ups.

So, do you think the kiddie team has it to trump years of training and experience?  Let's all find out every Tuesday at 7 PM starting on January 26.

Lifetime is available on SkyCable Ch 65, SkyCable HD Ch. 199, Destiny Cable Ch 44 (Analog) Ch 65 (Digital) and other selected provincial channels.


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