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A One Way Dining Experience, Comfort Food with Fine Dining Pizzazz

People who knew me might be so tired of me magnifying lyrical about Italian grubs. I’ve said it a million times probably, on my blogs and to people who would ask me about my favorite cuisine. However, I’m not that choosy.  I can go with burgers for days or even pastries for a day however I must admit that as I go binge-ing for pure comfort food, whether it be Italian or Mediterranean in general, I would often go back to slithering saucy pasta and unusual thin crust brick oven pizzas and on rare occasions, sauce-laden rack of lamb.

Sufficing my cravings for the usual comfort brought about eating Italian foods, there would be several ways to lead my tummy.

This time, allow me to lead you to a one-way street which will definitely bring you right at home where comfort food awaits, and where you could also find the best Mediterranean food.
One of the delicious secret pleasures of being led in this one way street is finding One Way Restaurant, which is at the corner of Salcedo and Benavides streets at Legazpi Village, Makati.

It was on a lunch when I got to indulge with some of the well-curated comfort food, which happens to be favorites of the owners.  The said lunch started off with a welcome drink, which seemed liked a green slush.  Surprised on my first sip, I asked without hesitation if the basil infused lemon slushy has alcohol in it, considering that I can sip it to its last drop even before the appetizer comes, hence, getting drank on lunch.  Thank God, it was just a mock tail, and a refreshing one at that.

An Italian meal isn't complete without slices of baguette dipped in olive oil-red wine vinegar, in this case, a slather of compound butter would be great too.

Amuse bouche...

The Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup is something I would never tire of rambling.  Served on a rustic sourdough bread bowl, the thick and chunky soup, never to be compared with everyone’s fave, Campbell’s, is something that sets your palate to the more savory dishes.  What I love the most is scraping the soup-sogged sides of the bread while getting bits of the mushrooms.

Fond of anything pizza, my eyes widened at the site of Mediterranean Pizza being served by the chef himself.  Chef Vitaliy, a Ukrainian national is One Way’s master in the kitchen.  Though, it was still the owner’s idea of using sourdough crust in their pizzas.  This certain pizza is unlike any other, aside from the crust inspired from Pasadena, California, no trace of tomato sauce can be spotted, rather a pesto based one.  The chewy and stingy crust, that’s prepared right in the resto, holds the pesto sauce so nice which then binds it to the toppings such as Italiano salami, capers, red bell pepper and basil.

While getting myself acquainted with the wine that was paired with the pizza, the Cream of Aligue Spaghetti glistened on the table as it was being laid.  Veering away from the home-grown sweet and tart spaghetti we were accustomed to, is a hefty plate of pasta smothered in the sauce made from cream and orange-colored crab fat.  Truly a devilishly sumptuous treat for those looking for something beyond the norm.

Not to miss is the Three-hour Merlot Braised Lamb Shanks.  If you consider yourself a gourmand, then this is the entrée made for you.  The slow-cooking of the lamb meats and then being braised in red wine made it tender to the bite but still held together in a cube.  Its thickened dark brown relish was flavorful and the gremolata, an herb condiment made of garlic, parsley and lemon zest, that crowns the shanks gave a zesty kick to the whole dish.  Accompanied by a velvety mush of risotto, this plate proves to be a complete meal in itself.

For a climactic dining experience, order some Mango Crepes.  The wait-staff will come prepared with a stove and the dessert ingredients as she puts on a fiery show, as the mango compote is flambéed.

One Way Restaurant boasts of a casual dining fete on a fine dining ambiance but without the cost of an actual fine dining establishment.


Address:  200 Salcedo St. Cor. Buenavidez St.
Contact Details:  09065572588 or 028698958
Website:  http://oneway.com.ph/

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