Monday, December 15, 2014

Product Review: Wild to Mild Lemongrass and Turmeric Tea

A couple of weeks back Bhogs and I made our way to Glorietta after an event at Raffles, as he was checking out the toys exhibit, I went on bugging sales people at the glass stores just at the Palm Drive entrance of  the mall.  I thought I would buy something unique at the craft store I visited, for they have cool hand-crafted buri totes and accessories, however I ended up asking a lot of questions to its neighbor store.  

What made me stayed a while at this store was the Turmeric cream they were selling which they boast as something which fights swelling and has anti-bacterial elements good for acne.  I thought I'd have my daughter try this who have been hiding her forehead with bangs.  I bought a lot of facial washes for her to try but none seemed to work, I'm thinking it might also be something about her genes or being stressed with college works.  So, I bought one.

Then again, I saw a lot of stuff on their table, all were bi-products of turmeric, lemongrass and citronella.  All of which are my favorite herbs to grow, and I do have them on some pots at home, however, hard it is for me to find time using them for teas.  

Aside from the cream I bought, they also have bug sprays, hand-crafted soaps and assortment of ready-to-mix powdered teas. 

I knew you would have guessed I bought teas as well.  And yes, I did!  

If you happen to be a regular visitor of this blog, and you pretty know me well, you know I would get one and try at home.  Hahaha!  Well you guessed it right.

So, I got home with Wild to Mild's Lemongrass Tea and Turmeric Tea.  Both is pre-sweetened with coco sugar so it's not too sweet and coconut palm sugar, which is what it is primarily, reportedly has a naturally low glycemic index (GI)–a measure of how food impacts blood sugar–which has led some people to claim that it is a valuable sugar substitute for people with diabetes or those looking to control blood sugar. Indeed, a lower GI may be a good indication that a food is safer for diabetics.

One thing you can notice is that it's packed in plastic, making it a little cheaper than those bought on jars and tins.  The plus factor of this packaging is that it's resealable.  You can have the option to store it as it is, in an easy manner or transfer it on a clean reusable jar.  

If you aren't  a serious health-zealot like me, don't be compelled to buy this. Getting used to drinking true herb infusion is a daunting habit and it's an acquired taste over time.  

But if you love your body and your family, why not start the habit and start it early. Like many herbalist and alternative medicine practitioners would say, "you won't lose anything," in fact your health will gain from it.

Let me let you in on my secret.  Many have been asking me, if I found the fountain of youth, for I was able to maintain a fit body and that simple beauty I've had since my teens.  Actually I am still looking for that...Hahaha.   But what I discovered are proven facts about the benefits of natural food, especially from the ingredients or plants we often stay away from in the kitchen, like turmeric (luyang dilaw in Filipino) and lemongrass (tanglad).

I'm not going to discuss them in details but you may want to learn more form these posts of mine:

Moving on with Wild to Mild's Lemongrass Tea.  As you may inspect at the photo above, it is granulated already.  The tea is pulverized and mixed with the coco sugar.  All you need to do is to dilute it in either hot or cold water, depending on how you would want to enjoy it.

Here I initially made a hot cup of lemongrass tea.  

I also tried with iced cold water.

For a cup of hot or cold water, you can mix two to three tablespoons of the powdered tea.

But to really find it pleasant, you can add three to four tablespoons of calamansi or dalandan juice or add a few drops or teaspoons of honey, still it would be according to your sweetness preference.

The Turmeric Tea before diluting in water.

Above is the tea powder and below it is then mixed with hot water.  If you'll find the lemongrass tea intense, the Turmeric is way more intense on flavor, both referring to it's taste aspect and aroma.

The aroma alone heals and rejuvenates while each sip is so gingery and spicy, it could ease your sore throat and relieve you of stomach aches right away.  On your first sip, don't get intimidated by it's strong herbally and woody scent, but allow your mind to be captivated by the healthy-goodness of turmeric.

Now, I always have  a liter of it mixed with freshly squeezed dalandan or calamansi juices, and I discovered that the longer you keep it the fridge the intense flavor mellows down, though you still get the good benefits from it

To be honest, my kids would hate me if I deceive them to serving this to them as iced tea, one sip, they'd go "ack," "yuck" but as I've said this is an acquired taste but I love training their taste buds into these natural flavors, better than training them to drink unhealthy, sugar-filled powdered juices, yah?

If I'll be asked if I would still buy these, my answer is yes.  I used to steep fresh turmeric and/or lemongrass which I would usually dig from my herb pots, but preparing them requires such an effort. Specially when you are working with turmeric, as it stains your fingers including your nails. So this is not only a breath of fresh air for me plus, I enjoy the health-giving benefits of these products.

To buy them, you can visit GLASS HOUSES in "MarketPlace At Glorietta" located at the lobby of Glorietta 2, Palm Drive, look for Wild to Mild's stall.  

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