Saturday, December 20, 2014

NITAS Christmas Party at The Wine Museum

Everything about the Christmas season, may it be religious or secular, fills my heart with joy, how could I not, everyone seems to have that joy of giving and sharing.  These values were evidently shown at one of the Christmas parties I have joined last December 11.  The Network of Independent Travel Agencies (NITAS) had their party and I might say it's one of those which I thought showed such great relevance and thought evoking.  Yep, even at a party!

Eggplant Salad and Spicy Lechon Belly on the foreground
The event was held at The Wine Museum Hotel and Restaurant, Pasay City.  Representatives of travel agency members of the association flocked this prestigious Colonial-inspired restaurant to share gladness and cheer in this season.  Of course, what can a party be without sumptuous delights from the restaurant itself.  

Red Salted Egg Salad
I've known The Wine Museum to have curated some of the finest wines all over the world and with that they have set apart a menu to particularity pair it with their wines.  However, if you are not a wine drinker, I'm 100 % sure you will love what's on their menu.  Though on occasions such as this, you can also request for a specific menu plan. 

Dessert - Sweetened Saba Bananas and Sago (tapioca pearls)
The sumptuous feast highlighted classic Filipino dishes and I was surprised to see the attendees garbed in traditional Filipino clothing.

I guess all these are but ques of how they are serious in promoting our rich culture and Philippine tourism.

The Filipino buffet was followed with an interesting program prepared by NITAS.  Short for Network of Independent Travel Agencies, NITAS is an alliance of local travel agencies to leverage tourism-generated revenue for our country.  The owner of  The Wine Museum and Ralph's Wines, is NITAS' President Bobby Lim-Joseph, who himself  is very strong and committed in positioning our country's top tourist destinations in the global tourism scale.  He was particularly pushing these hot spots even on their non-peak season as they are setting package tours that are unique and can also be enjoyed even on monsoon seasons.  "Imagine yourself or a group of foreign tourists watching fire dancers in Boracay while it's raining," said Sir Bobby Joseph as he gave a speech to welcome everyone.

Now, the network had been picking up with new partners from airline industries, hotels and restaurants around the world and with newly signed members both from AITA and non-AITA's.

The party was livened up with some games and raffles and a talk that may probably boost every one to prepare themselves for the challenging year ahead was given by Grace Rallos of the Rotary Club of Manila (also NITAS' Consultant), with a title "The Roadmap to Success."

The party got a bit more exciting when two performers worked out the floor.  First was a Lani Misalucha impersonator and then followed by Tina Turner's.

Philippine Airlines representatives looking on at the performances.

Oh, Tina Turner came!

Thanks to Pete Dacuycuy for inviting us.  I also came with Ms. Evelyn Felizardo of  Pasay Tourism and bloggers, Lee Ross  and Kristine Tagra.  

Do check out more of NITAS at their Facebook page


  1. The service at corporate events at this place was impeccable. The salad I had for dinner was delicious as well as the scallop appetizer. The main course of filet mignon and dessert soufflé was also awesome!

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