Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Girls Saturdate with their Mom at the Samsung Event

I love Saturday!  It's the day when you can stay in bed for a few hours more, when you don't need to set the alarm, the day when you had slept late from watching movie sequels.  It's what we "moms" call the "no hassle" day, or probably a "mommy me-time" day.

However, in this particular Saturday, me and my daughters woke up early, but not to prepare for school, instead for a fun cooking activity with Samsung.  Frankly, my girls are more excited than me, I'm more looking forward to the gastronomic affair I'm to savor at Guevarra's by Chef Lau.

Renowned Filipino chef couple and Samsung Digital Appliances ambassadors,
Rolando and Jackie Laudico
with the host of the event

When I got an invitation from a blogger friend about this event, I never hesitated coming.  Samsung is my personal choice and my hubby would definitely agree on that, after all, he's the one paying for my appliance and gadgets, right? 

Since the time I got my Samsung Corby II mobile phone, I never bought any other brands.  Now I'm still using my S3 and would not have exchange it for any brand, not even an IPhone.   For my birthday, 2 years ago, Bhogs gave me our newest kitchen addition, 7.7 Cu. Ft. two-door Digital Inverter Refrigerator.  

Since I love Samsung, I also bought Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 as a reward for my self, working late at night to finish writing jobs.  So, how then can I say no to an event where my girls can go and all of us can have fun. 

Also, I'll be seeing again one of my favorite couple, the Laudico chefs tandem at their buffet restaurant.  Chef Jackie and Chef Rolando Laudico wowed us moms on how they were able to handle our kids, as they got their hands busy helping out with the cooking demo.  It was a bit out of line, I tell you, but it was lovely seeing thees kids learning a lot about preparing unusual food, and witnessing how helpful Samsung's kitchen appliances are, focusing on the 32-L. Smart Oven.

My daughter Dana, smiling for the cam while I get to huddle up a closer photo of them
My daughter, Danica, in green and gray stripes, seriously listening to Chef Jacq as she was telling them how to make 

What's best about this kind of events is that my kids get to meet new friends and interact with other kids they don't usually rub elbows with.

Samsung's marketing specialist talks about the pluses of having Samsung Food ShowCase Refrigerator
While the kids got a break from baking, they head of  at the dining areas to sample some of Guevarra's fare, while us moms get to see the most modern kitchen must-haves.

Samsung introduces the latest kitchen innovation in their product lineup with the new Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator. The new Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator delivers unparalleled organization and provides optimum use of space to help make kitchen life more organized. 

The concept was born after the Samsung Design team investigated families’ everyday lives and how they use their refrigerators, noting that the typical refrigerator design has become inconvenient to the modern lifestyle. When someone doesn’t know where something has been stored, he or she takes a long time rummaging through the refrigerator until the item is found. 

“When preparing dishes at our restaurant, it’s always important to have our ingredients readily available. With the high kitchen traffic, we can’t afford to waste time looking for ingredients as the viands should always be readily available for our customers.” said Chef Jac “While at home, we always aim to prepare healthy yet delicious meals for our children so it’s important for us to have a refrigerator that keeps healthy produce like vegetables fresh so we won’t have to constantly replace them.”

With these insights, Samsung’s product developers were determined to create a refrigerator which not only helps families stay organized and keep their food fresh, but also looks beautiful in the kitchen.

Be more organized

The Samsung Food ShowCase Refrigerator features two layers that optimize the use of space and provide clearly defined zones for frequently used food. It comes with three functional zones - the Cooking Zone, which stores frequently used items, such as eggs, cheese and sauce bottles; the Family Zone, which stores items for the entire family like beverages and fruit; and the Kids Zone, which stores children’s snacks and is located at the lower part of the Showcase considering the height of children. This customized storage space allows all users to easily find items that they need accordingly.

The InnerCase keeps groceries fresh, as it is located deeper within the fridge, behind the outer ShowCase, making it the perfect place to store and preserve perishable items such as vegetables, fruits and meats. 

Enjoy more space

As compared to standard refrigerators, which have shelves and compartments that aren’t fully used, the Samsung Food ShowCase Refrigerator maximizes every inch of available space. The location and dimensions of each zone was a top consideration when it came to the design and development. To truly study this, the design team collected everyday food items and ingredients, such as beverages, snacks and sauces, and identified the heights and surface areas of each item to determine the optimal locations. 

In addition, the Ice Master is built into the door, providing valuable extra space by freeing up two additional shelves in the freezer. New to the Samsung Food ShowCase Refrigerator is the Ice and Water Dispenser feature, which delivers refreshing chilled filtered water with a touch of a button.
The Slide & Fold Shelf adds extra flexibility to storage. It can be easily removed, folded up or raised and lowered to fit in any sized items, including tall and bulky containers, so there’s no wasted space.

Save time

With the Samsung Food ShowCase Refrigerator, all frequently used items have a designated, easily accessible space. 

This helps users save time when it comes to food preparation. With frequently used items stored in the Cooking Zone, customers will no longer need to rummage through the refrigerator and allow them to keep a close eye on which items are used more often.

Keep food fresher for longer

Food also stays fresher for longer in The Samsung Food ShowCase Refrigerator. Its unique features retain cool air within the refrigerator even if the Showcase door is frequently opened, and ensure an even and constant temperature from top to bottom, front to back. This assures customers that food stays fresh, no matter where it is stored or how often the door is opened.

The Samsung Food ShowCase Refrigerator is a premium home appliance, enhancing the modern lifestyles of customers with its beautiful design and creative storage solutions, which make lives more organized and ultimately easier. It is also equipped with Digital Inverter Technology that provides energy savings efficiency and guarantees durability as it comes with a 10 year warranty*.

“Truly, one of the most important items you can have in your kitchen, both at home and, in our case, at work is a refrigerator that keeps your environment organized.” said Chef Lau “Which is why we are happy to have the Samsung Food ShowCase to make our kitchen life easier.”

The Samsung Food ShowCase Refrigerator (with Ice and Water Dispenser) is priced at Php 139,900 and Php 129,900 for the basic model. Available at all authorized Samsung dealers nationwide.

*10 year warranty on the compressor.

For our brunch, just check our photos.

You may want to visit the link below for my review of Guevarra's by Chef Lau:

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