Saturday, October 25, 2014

Best Food Forward 2014, A Photo Diary

Every year, there are a number of fairs I always look forward to attending.  Most of it are about food, health and where my kids could have a wonderful time with me.  This year is not an exception, so when I knew about the Best Food Forward happening again, I made sure that we could come and take pleasure in what our local food purveyors has in store for us.  

I love going to this event, here is where I find new innovative products that we can always count on for parties, gift-giving ideas and, you know, just to stoke up on some toothsome epicurean delight.

Though I'm used to attending at The Fort Tent, this time they held it at the Rockwell tent.  Compared to last years event, and the first year they had it, it was a bit of tighter in space.  Also, fewer concessionaires were there.  But the activities and food-brimming sampling were enough to satiate every foodies' 

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