Wednesday, October 8, 2014

DIY Thai Iced Tea at Home

When I was writing my article about Jelly G, I bumped in to several websites showing how easy it is to make Thai Milk Tea.  I have a newly stashed box of black tea which my daughters and I plan to make tea eggs with.  Apparently, I wasn't able to have the luxury of time to make it with them.  I've been intending to make Thai milk tea since I saw some easy to follow recipes, however, I needed to make some small changes, due to not having the exact ingredients being called for.

I hope my photos can make up for the tutorial, since I have to one to take my videos, plus I still don't have a camera stand sturdy enough to hold my slr while I record a vid of myself.

I got the recipe for this version at this website, btw.

Here are what you need to prepare for in advance:

Condensed milk 

Black Tea

Grass Jelly

 Thai Iced Tea Recipe

Yield: Serves 2-3 
Total Time: 1 hour


Thai Tea Mix Ingredients:

4 Black Tea bags
3 1/2 cups (950ml) Water
3/4 cup (150g) Sugar (coco-sugar is preferred and what I used)
1 star anise

Thai Tea Assembly:

Pre-made Thai tea mix (see above)
sweetened condensed milk
grass jelly (cubed half of the can)


Thai Tea Mix directions

1.  Bring water to boil with 4 black tea bags. 
2.  Add sugar and star anise, then, gently stir to completely dissolve sugar. Gently boil tea for about 3 minutes. Remove from heat.
3.  Allow tea to steep for at least 30 minutes and allow it to cool. The more concentrated the tea flavor, the better the Thai tea tastes. 
4.  Remove the tea bags and set aside finished Thai tea to cool.
You can make this ahead of time and have the Thai tea chilling in the fridge.

Assembly directions

Fill glasses with ice and grass jelly.


Fill glass with about 3/4 full of the Thai tea mix

 Then top off remainder of glass with condensed milk, the sweetness taste is up to you.

Stir and enjoy.

Serve with additional drizzles of condensed milk.  I used Carnation Condensed milk her, as I have used to doing since I was just a kid.

My husband and I were surprised at how yummy and refreshing this was.  It's easy to make, healthy and makes a good lesser cholesterol snack.

If you were able to make this at home through this recipe, let me know...

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