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A Foodie-mom's Skin Confession

Photo captured by Lara Antonio of Mabuhay Magazine

Now that my kids are not babies anymore, I have ample time to take care of myself.  I'm proud that at an early age of 9 and 10 years old, I find my girls not only busy at school but in the kitchen as well. That means, I can do more while they help me cook our lunch, or while they prepare their own snacks, even more tastefully done than mine.  

I guess, I have thought my kids well, to be responsible enough for each other and to themselves, so they grow more independently and resourceful.  However, there is one thing that I truly detest learning and doing just now, that I'm nearing my forties.  

I've yet to learn the ropes of taking good care of my skin.  So now, I've to make my confession.  I'm a negligent, super-lazy, work-a-holic mom who does not regularly moisturize my skin.  However, one thing I always put in my mind whenever I go out of the house - sunscreen lotion specially on the face.

Do forgive me for posting my imperfect beach figure.  I'm a mom of four, need I say more?  I've recently accepted the fact that I could not get back my near perfect-20ish figure and skin radiance. But I guess imperfect is the new perfect, so as they say.  And on a picture-perfect beach such as Panglao, Bohol, you can't hesitate to blend in even with your imperfections.  Thanks to a number of moms like me who flaunted their mommy-figure in the social media sites that I've gained enough confidence in flaunting mine.

            *** See my recent Bohol trip here: TRAVEL: Bohol Photo Journal 2014

So, I've been soapboxing a lot about perfection and imperfections.  I'm glad that I have some help now that I've realized that I need to do something about how to age gracefully.  Seeing celebrities such as Dawn Zulueta, Sunshine Cruz and Alice Dixon made me realize the importance of  seeing myself beautifully.   

So enough shilly-shallying!
Aging gracefully doesn't mean letting our imperfections take center stage. For many of us, developing a healthy and easy beauty routine is the key to loving ourselves and our appearances at any and every age.   Good that I've come to know a product which I can keep on using anytime and everywhere.

A perfect product I'm loving right now is Pevonia Botanica, which I just happened to use a week before my trip to Bohol.

Pevonia Dry Oil Body Moisturizer comes in a spray-on body moisturizer which dissolves into skin within mere seconds after a quick rub down, thanks to its foolproof continuous spray applicator and lightweight, non-sticky/greasy formula. 

This luscious moisturizer indulges the body in a total pampering experience.  The plush formula is enriched with skin-coddling  Squalane, Aloe, Safflower Seed Oil, Macadamia Oil, root extracts from Iris flower, Chamomile and Lavander flower oils, to quench even the most dragon-like dermis with lasting effects.

Aside from rendering a replenishing veil in your skin that's silky-soft and velvety you also get to indulge in the aromatherapy in every spritz, with the mild and calming scent of lavander and chamomile combined.

Photo captured by Lara Antonio of Mabuhay Magazine
So, on my trip to Bohol, Pevonia Dry Oil Moisturizer was first on my list to bring.  I was so blessed enough  to have been gifted with a 200 ml spray bottle that I have been using after it was given to me by a new-found friend. Though many would agree that Pevonia is a bit pricey, let me tell you that this is a product where science and nature were combined to come up with products that outweigh standards in skincare solutions and the value and benefits of their products supercede the cost;

That is why many of the finest spas made Pevonia their brand of choice.  They have different products for different uses which confronts different skin types.  Let me also mention the last facial spa I had used Pevonia Botanica products as well.  Isis Wellness and Spa proved to be note-worthy as they only use Pevonia Botanica only.

If I have remembered that well, they used Myoxy-Caviar line on my face.  
Here are the products that were under the line:

TIMELESS BALM CLEANSER - Cleansing and repairing
TIMELESS REPAIR LOTION - An alcohol-free toner which finishes off cleansing                   process and also to prepare the skin for further treatment
TIMELESS REPAIR SERUM - The serum is applied for a deep- tissue facial massage             which promises to iron- out wrinkles
TIMELESS REPAIR CREAM - This treatment is for anti-aging, repairing and                         tightening, thus relaxes and eventually smoothing out wrinkles
TIMELESS EYE-CONTOUR- This targets eye-puffiness and bagginess, a treatment               that is anti-aging, soothes and firms the skin, and alleviates dark circles in the eyes.

Other products used during my facial treatment.

It has been months that I had  the treatment but I'm still reaping the benefits of having a youthful facial glow.

I was hoping to get a little bathing in the sun while I'm on the beach and the spectacular lagoon pool of Bluewater Panglao.  So, I bought a new pair of swim suit and had a pampering body scrub treatment at Isis Wellness and Spa.  After-treatment skin radiance partnered with Pevonia Botanica Dry Oil Body Moisturizer prepped my skin for some sundances and adventures in Bohol. I made sure though that after every activity under the sun, I follow it up with a generous spritz of the oil and of course I never forgot to lather on some suncreen.  

Our skin too need proper nourishment and moisture especially at the age I am right now and with the changing season and humidity, Pevonia Dry Oil Moisturizer is so convenient and really satisfies. After using for several days, my skin was hydrated, it helped trap water back in, since I have used it after every shower, just before toweling dry.  The uncomfortable condition marked by scaling, itching, and white spots were slowly alleviated.  Giving back my skin the lost radiance it used to have when I was younger.

Photo borrowed from Pete Dacuycuy's FB Photos

Care to spot the foodie-momma in the photo above? 

To order this product kindly click HERE.

To experience the same exclusive Pevonia Facial Spa, do drop by Isis Wellness and Spa.

Address:  G7 Prince Plaza 1 Condominium, 1229 Legaspi Street, Makati City
Contact Details: (02)2454060 / 0921-572-8408 / 0929-742-6691


  1. They say that when your kids are older now, you have more time to yourself as they can take care of themselves without you interfering everything.

  2. With a season change upon us, it's important to take extra good care of our skin. I am skeptical when it comes to facial products but i dont mind trying this.

  3. It's great that you have more time for yourself now that your kids are able to take care of themselves. I find plant-based products great and an all-body moisturizer is always great! I only have a facial moisturizer at home. I'd like to try that!

  4. I am in my forties and if there's one thing that I regret not doing in my early age is taking care of my skin. Glad you've found the right product to start taking serious care of your skin.

  5. Hot Momma! I am on my late twenties, thus, taking good care of our skin is a must so early sign of aging won't show up. Hehe

  6. I don't mind using a pricey product that is really effective. Good thing you found one that will take care of your skin, and hey, you're looking really good!

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