Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Another Buffet Experience at Flavors Restaurant at P 1

 I was once caught up on a conversation  about how taste differs from flavor.  I never really paused that much and gave a hard thinking.  Taste, as we all know from grade-school, is a part of the five senses, were the tongue is the major player.  Sweet, salty, sour, bitter another one, which you might not know-umami.  As I paused on that very moment, the same  person who popped the question gave me a briefer.  As told by Earl Palma, the gourmand who owns Sauceria, "flavor is technically defines as the  combined sensations of taste (from taste buds), odor, and texture." The experience span from the time you see your food, until the odor signals something to your brain, till the food reaches your sense of taste up to the point of masticating and feeling something right after you've swallowed it.  Yes, that's flavor alright.

In a nutshell, flavor is all about the experience of the food, minding the food as a whole, it's color, texture, the aroma, the whole censorial feel and probably some memories attached to it making the food a flavorful dish.

Just in time for a flavorful meal, set amidst the hustle and bustle of Makati shopping arena,  Bhogs and I were able to check out Flavors Rsstaurant, at Holiday Inn & Suites Makati.  Let see how we can truly define flavor against taste here.

It was so fitting that I saw Animetrics' blog about her gastronomic experience at Flavors and I was glad I read it, that's what really prompted me to visit the restaurant finally, I have been putting the plan of trying  it out since I'm loyal to my favorite hotel buffet, which is in close proximity to Holiday Inn - Spectrum Restaurant.  I knew they just turned one year since they opened their doors  last April 1 and they have been celebrating since then.
I have a secret!  There had been a promo that's going on till April 30 which coincides with their 1 year anniversary celebration.  After finding out about this, we went straight to Holiday Inn at Glorietta, Makati to verify the deal and it was confirmed.  Will tell you about it at the end of this post.  In the mean while  just indulge in the photos I have collated during our buffet session.

We were so blessed to have come early, we were the first diner to come for yesterday's buffet dinner actually.  We came a few minutes after 6 pm, though they open at 6:30 pm.

Aside from being seated near the buffet area, this has been my view for the rest of the dinner time.  I love the simplicity yet intricacy of this artwork, however I didn't go further to study the piece for I was more eager to see their offerings.  So let me now give you a food tour at Flavor's buffet area.

 First stop is the one closest to the dessert station, good thing I was not tempted to start there.
Starting with the salad station.  
On a bed of crushed ice are bowls of pre-prepared salad mixes and some other mix-ins on the other side, and all over the table, while on the middle is a bunch of fresh lettuce.
 On the other side are the different types of vinaigrette with a bottle of olive oil to drizzle over your salad if you don't like fatty dressings.

 Grilled pumpkin and cucumber...
 Ham, cheese and corn in cream
 Grilled tofu in vinaigrette...
Chicken and pineapple in light cream sauce...
 Move on the neighboring tables are the mini-Mediterranean station and the bread table next to it.  The following photos are what you can see try at the said station.


 I'm not sure why these sliced fruits are here though, located in between the Mediterranean dishes and the bread basket.

I didn't get any bread anymore, but I find the tall bread sticks amusing.

Displayed next to them are these huge bread sculptures.

Make a 360 degree round about and you will see the Sushi area, with a chef commanding the station never misses a space on the sushi trays.

On the other end of course are the condiments for that perfect sushi meal.
 On the far end of the room is the carving and grill station.  You can also request a chef to make you a plate of your choice of pasta dish or a sandwich with their ham offerings.  Here are just some of the hot items you can find on that station.

 Have these grilled and enjoy!
 Look at that half-carved roasted turkey looking awfully sad.  I know you were waiting for me to try you:)
 Feeling cold, maybe you can ask for the chef to whip up a noodle soup customized to your liking.
Condiments for your soup?

On the center next to the chef's station is the isle for main dishes.  I checked first what they serve for soup.  They usually have two options, for now they have Butternut Squash soup and Cream of Corn.

 Not on the photo is the Steamed Cream Dory in White Sauce.  Above is the Stuffed Squid, grilled slightly.
 Beef Stew
 Grilled Pork Spareribs
 I had these Chicken Jambalaya together with my chosen viand or you can opt to have plain steamed rice.
 Lovely Lemon Chicken is a must!
 Beef Roast are also tender, juicy and very savory.  Not on the photo is the pot for roasted Mixed Veggies.

On a separate set up is for kids (and kids' at heart).  A place where kids can choose their own food if they don't like the rest of what are served in the buffet.  Plastic plates and tongs in cute colors are put together to encourage kids get their own food.
You will love this station!  Promise!

 Mini Pigs in a blanket.  Bread covered hotdogs.
 Chicken pops.
 Meat sauce Linguini,
 Grilled potatoes
 Buttered Veggies.
What a way to finish a table.   This spot totally defines Flavors Restaurant.  Laid on the table are gorgeous spices on wooden plates so the diners can have the feel of how unusual spices looks, smells and feel like, though I dare you to taste them.
 And some sweet endings for the heavy yet sumptuous meal.  Yup, that's their dessert station above.  Oh so pretty indeed!

Me too!
I couldn't even describe them all anymore.  But what really made my day was the Halo-halo station.  Since I've been craving for it for days already.

Like most of buffet meals on hotels, beverages aren't included in the price of the buffet, but the wait staff were so mindful of our glass being empty with cold water.  Though, a cup of coffee or tea comes with the buffet package.
Oh! Of course, I would not go from here without telling you my secret!

We only spent P 1117 for the both of us!  A regular fee for the buffet is P1,100, as for their hush, hush promo, a companion pays only P 1 for his or her meal.  This promo is valid for lunch or dinner.  Hurry this promo will run only until April 30, 2014.

Flavors Restaurant
Holiday Inn and Suites Makati 

Adress:  Palm Drive Ayala Center, 1224 Makati
Phone: (02) 909 0888
Facebook:  HolidayInnandSuitesMakati


  1. Wow!!! I want to try with the bf (who pays the bill, lol) Ate Joy, we will just go there and eat and that's it? Avail na ang promo? ;)

    1. Yes, Aylin, just mention to the waitstaff that you will avail of the buffet promo. To make sure, confirm mo din sa staff but you can always go there, kahit walk in , nice ng place

  2. Wow!!! I want to try with the bf (who pays the bill, lol) Ate Joy, we will just go there and eat and that's it? Avail na ang promo? ;)

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