Friday, April 18, 2014

Recess by Chef Chris

First of all, forgive me for the crappy photos, I only used my cellphone for this post.  Of course, I don't usually bring a heavy photo equipment when I run errands concerning my job as a personal shopper/event planner.  I know this post might not really give justice to the whole theme of Recess by Chef Chris.  So I would ask you to read along.

Wait let me show you something...

Yup, that's how I want you to basically picture Recess!
It's industrial, literal old-school inspired interiors with a splash of bright orange to accentuate the brand name would not really give you a hint that it's an expensive restaurant, except for the classic table set up with clear wine glasses and the silvery utensils.  
You would even be surprised that the floor isn't even tiled and the chairs are made of  wood in  utmost simplicity, but what will bring you to amazement is when you look up to the ceiling.  They have  spliced the table of elements and set it up the ceiling.  

The place has that industrial vibe as well,  with metal tables, I can't seem to remember if this would reflect tables from schools.  Maybe?
On the tables are placemats like of a pad paper made bigger with a simple drawing of what seemed to replicate the inside of the resto.
If you think the blackboard is missing, well guess again, they do have them on certain walls where the menus are written on it.  Also, splattered on some walls are doors of university lockers.  They really mean it when they say they take the school theme to heart.  It's more reflected on the menu, though don't expect sluggish tray food, all they have here are culinary creations that would make you chemically and biologically in love with the restaurant.

After all, why would the owners coin Chef Chris Locher's name on it.
Talking about Chef Chris, since I tried his panizza, "the original panizza," I have been always finding ways of how to go to My Kitchen by Chef Chris Locher at the Oasis Hotel Paco Park.  What saddened me was when I got an email from him telling his diners that he might not be seen constantly at the area due to his surgery and recovery from brain tumor.  Yes, he has cancer but the good thing is that the kind that he have is treatable.
Enough with the drama, let's talk about his creation.
I'm sure you know Chef Chris and the creation that brought him fame...his panizzas.
He  has a lot more surprises at Recess...
Kindly come back again as I write about their food.

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