Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Girls Photo-Diary at Jed's Island Resort

 Tagged as Bulacan's largest resort, Jed's Island Resort just amazed us after getting there for the first time.
It was also my girls' first time to step foot to Bulacan, after tagging them along as I spoke with my clients at Tarlac and promised them  that we will bring them to a resort in Tarlac for a day swim, our afternoon was spent here instead.
I didn't expect much though, since we were almost ending daylight and the kids are disappointed of not having soaked in chlorine-water.  Nevertheless, we took heart and found this place which proved to be promising.  I'm sure with the huge tarps everywhere (specially in SLEX and NLEX) you won't miss not knowing about it, even in posters.  So, since my kids have known the resort from these tarps, might as well give it a try and we googled the place and found it to be just where we were near at.
 They have a wave pool, btw.
 My girls loved their slides, which are aplenty.
 I love how they made i like a theme park and a sort of gallery of different stone sculpture collections.
All in all, the place looked really colorful and full of fun.  You won't ran out of amenities to enjoy.  Around the pool areas are cottages and rooms for your over-night enjoyment and respite from the busy work-life.

I got this flyer of Jed's packages, so if you're interested to check them out as well.

I have a gazillion photos of this place and I don't know how I can share them with you.  So I made these Powerpoint photos to collectively store a couple in just one collage.
Enjoy our collages!

We were glad we had a great afternoon dip here.  We may be just lucky the pools were all clean, since there were a few guests on that day.  But we scouted the whole grounds and we can say the place is highly recommendable.  We even saw people coming and bringing food for what seemed liked a birthday party, so I guess they welcome all kinds of celebration here.  The staff were very agile in keeping the premises spick and span.
My kids have been bugging us since then to come back to the place, that would mean they did like the place, who wouldn't,  the place is an eye-candy and with such facilities they have I would definitely bring them back there, except on non-crowded dates perhaps, hehe.

Adress: McArthur Highway, Gatbuca, Calumpit , 3003 Bulacan, Philippines
Phone: (044)• 675-1652 - (02) 299-80-13 & (044) 320-0064


  1. Wow! The place looks like it can offer so much entertainment! :D
    I've heard of this place, but I haven't been there yet... Next time, I should! :D


  2. Hi po! Hindi ko po ma-kontak yung mga telephone numbers ng Jed's Resort. Hindi ko rin mahanap yung official website nila. Gusto ko sanang magpa reserve ng family room for next week baka kasi pag nag walk-in lang kami, wala na kaming makuhang room. May baby po kasi ako so, need talaga namin ng room what will you suggest po kaya? Do you think, di naman po sila mapo-fully booked ng rooms kaya okay lang na mag walk-in kami without reservation/

    1. Hello Liz-Beth, found their FB page for you:, you can contact them there too.

    2. Thank you so much! Nako, di ko naisip na mag search sa FB. Nagfocus ako maghanap ng official website nila e. hahaha..


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