Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Bag O' Shrimps Experience

How can you go wrong with eating with your hands on an easy Sunday afternoon, much more having shrimps and other seafood?

It has become a habit for my husband to buy shrimps during Sunday morning and cook it for lunch.  So why on Sunday only, you might ask.  Our dishes for lunch and dinner has to be cooked for many. Whatever we have for meals, our staff (for the Water Refilling business) and house-help also have.   However, as much as we would want to prepare seafood for them, it's gonna be expensive and it will definitely kill the budget.
So, Sunday is the only time we could eat a lot of shrimp done the way our kids like it, stir-fried in chili garlic sauce with an ample serving of butter.

That's how he loves us, however, there are Sundays that we miss having such, due to occasional events we need to attend to.  So my kids end up eating pizza deliveries or cooking "Spam" and "Maling" and I'd often hear them complaining and saying "there's nothing compared to Daddy's shrimps."

Glad I was able to discover a new restaurant just near my parents' future home and a place where I can bring my brothers and sisters when they come visit us from Milan.  Every time we need to go out, we won't even miss eating our favorite shrimps, oysters, crabs and other seafood.  Since we always pass by Tuscany at McKinley Hill, Bag O' Shrimps is now the place for our usual seafood fix.

Bag O' Shrimps' interior is shabby and probably inspired from California's waterfront seafood shacks. Though it looks new, spotless and organized, unlike known seaside restaurants, evidences of what it likes to be in one are neatly arranged, such as bouy, fishing nets, painted anchors on walls, even what seemed to be a fisherman's coat and pair of boots on one corner.  All it needed are rowdy group of sailors.  
I need to mention how I like their customized tables- slab of thick, rough-topped tiles framed with painted black pipes, and their burlap-covered couches.  
Oh yes, kids are definitely welcome here!  See these high chairs saved for diners with babies?   The couples, Jandrew and Princess, who own and manage the restaurant actually have one.

I'm not a fan of manly interiors, but this one gave me a knack.  I like that there are personal details hinted inside the decor.  On this note, take time to check out the framed printed photos taken by Jandrew himself, which are collections from their travels.

Unlike the Dampa, I grew up with, where you buy the raw seafood by the kilo on an assigned market, then decide how you want them to be cooked, Bag O-Shrimps' menu is simple, streamlined, no hassle in thinking how the catch of the day will be enjoyed, so choosing is a cinch.  However, you may need to consider how spicy you like the sauce on your seafood is.

So, how is a Bag O' Shrimp experience like?  It's all about enjoying a seafood spread (literally) without thinking much about the mess you will make after, or being criticized on how you scarf down your grub.  Before anything on the table, there is this huge paper on top.  Nope, not just to mat the table but that is where you literally put your food.  Gah?

Making sure you don't ruin your Uniqlo's or what not, you will be given plastic bibs.  If you don't want to hold the food with your fingers, for some reasons, you can ask for plastic gloves as well.  Seen on the photo above are my blogger companions for the day, Carol of and Elan.

Thanks Aldous of Aldous Ate the World and Ms. Princess for inviting us here.

What else is so special about eating at Bag O' Shrimp? For one, there's the Dynamite Sticks (P135) or the Crab Bomb Stick (P 165).
These are "the bomb!"  I actually gathered up every ounce of courage I have in me to try out one.  I do love some spicy food but rather not to the extent of eating a whole green chili, more so a jalapeno (known to be one of the hottest).  I carefully bit one of the Crab Bomb Stick  from the end tip, catching a tiny bit from the chili and some melted cheese.  OMG!  It was delish.  I then crunch some more from it and again, I could  still recount how deliciously stingy every bite were.  Forgive me, it was my first time to try one.

To ward off every spicy bite, you may compliment it with Sweet Potato Fries (P 115).  It's not that sweet but more on the savory side, julienned and crisp-fried, kids will surely love it.

For the win, moms!  Kids can't make any excuses anymore when eating veggies.  I'm sure they won't say no to these, Fried Asparagus (P 165).  Crunchy even up to the veggie and not salty.

Now for the ultimate treat!
The shrimps bagged and mixed with other stuff such as sausages and corn on the cob.  The idea is that before serving to the diners, the staff would sauce everything up by shaking the plastic bag.  The bag is of the same grade made for sous vide (pronounced us soo vee) cooking.  So diners still will be served with hot seafood despite being served on bags.   

Oh I didn't notice this bucket on my side.  It's for putting the empty shells and shrimp peels.
We had two bags of shrimps, the best-seller which is Bag O' Momma spiced mild and Garlic Butter in medium spiciness.   An approximate of half a kilo of shrimps cost P 565.

You can also have mussels and clams with the same sauce.  It's P 295 for 500 grams.  Can be mixed or ordered separately.  

In case, you want to see my space before I gobbled them up. Yep the demure me was apparent.
Till the demolition.  Oh the mess, but one that's beautiful!  Don't worry they welcome it, for them your mess means you enjoyed the experience. 
Ready to make a mess?

Bag O' Shrimp 
Address:  Tuscany Estates, McKinley Road, McKinley Hill, Taguig City


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