Sunday, February 16, 2014

Planning the Ultimate World Cup Party for the Girls

Soccer is definitely not just for the guys... so when you’re planning the ultimate World Cup Party for the girls, here are ten ideas to get you started.

One: Send out invitations to the get-together and include an RSVP. It’s easy to buy soccer themed invitations at most party stores, or they can be ordered online.  You could create your own invites on the computer, then print them out or email them. You might also want to set up an events page through a social networking site like Facebook.

Two: Go wild with soccer decorations and really celebrate the World Cup!  Almost all party stores have sports’ sections and disposable plates and cups in every color imaginable. (Paper products make clean-up so much easier.) You can buy party favors, streamers, and balloons to add an extra burst of excitement.

Three: Make coasters from green felt or AstroTurf, and place potted wheatgrass topped with tiny team flags and miniature soccer balls around the room.

Four: Create a runner for your table that looks like a soccer field. Green felt, fabric, or contact paper make it easy to be creative.

Five: Celebrate with finger-foods and cupcakes! Decide on a menu; once you have a general idea about how many guests you’re expecting, you can plan your shopping list. Finger-foods are great. Your guests can relax and enjoy the game while nibbling on all the delicious treats. Remember to prepare more food than you think you’ll need!

Six: Some cool ideas for cupcakes:

Frost the cupcakes with favorite team colors, and then add white piping to the top with player numbers.
Decorate the tops with little plastic soccer balls or miniature players; these can be found at most party supply stores, or online. Place them along the table runner or serve on green sports platters.
Purchase soccer-themed toothpicks at the local party store. Stick the toothpicks in green frosted cupcakes or into cupcakes with white or chocolate frosting covered in green sprinkles.
Use frosting to design your own World Cup shapes. Make the round top into a soccer ball or sketch gel flags on the icing.
Place one letter on the top of each cupcake to spell-out W-O-R-L-D C-U-P, B-R-A-Z-I-L, or the name of their favorite T-E-A-M!
Use candy or M&Ms to decorate the cake-tops. Your friends will love cupcakes completely covered in colorful candies, or have your guests design and decorate their own.

Seven: Serve a special World Cup fruit-punch in a clear bowl and drop round ice cubes into each cups. Serve drinks in bottles or cans to make clean-up and recycling that much easier.

Eight: Place your bets, ladies! Who do you think will win the World Cup in Brazil? It’s so much fun to cheer on for your team and it makes the games that much more exciting. Be one step ahead by checking the statistics and reading up on team’s odds – an educated decision is better than a random guess!

Nine: Play games: memory and soccer trivia games make terrific ice-breakers. Give the winners wrapped trinkets, party favors, and/or sports paraphernalia!

Ten: Set up simple craft activities. Guests will enjoy decorating their own nametags and designing team flag to wave during the game. Set out felt, fabric, sticks, stickers, sequins, and markers and…

Get creative! After all hosting the ultimate World Cup Party is all about HAVING FUN!


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