Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DOT's Tourism Star Philippines Unveiled

With the enduring success of DOT's It's More Fun in the Philippines campaign, which showcases what our country has to offer is an event that capitalizes the true meaning of tourism.   Beyond the majestic, scenic, enthralling beauty of our country, are the Filipinos known to be one of the happiest and warmest people on the planet.   Quoted from DOT Secretary Ramon R. Jimenez, Jr.’s rationale for this campaign, “while other countries invite you to observe, the Philippines can promise a more heartfelt experience. Wherever you go, whatever you do in the country, it’s the Filipinos who will complete your vacation and will make your holiday unforgettable."

DOT Undersecretary Maria Victoria V. Jasmin is the key note speaker
and have welcomed everyone on the event
It was such an honor to have witnessed the launching of DOT's Tourism Star Philippines, last February 11, 2014 at the Constellation Ballroom of the Manila Diamond Hotel.  The Department of Tourism (DOT) created a new set of awards for individuals who exemplified strong and deep commitment to the country's tourism through exemplary customer service and investment in tourism development efforts.  The awards for Tourism Star are divided into two categories:

1. Tourism front-liners and individuals who embody the true Filipino brand of warm hospitality, of going the extra mile in the service of tourists, and 
2. Local Chief Executives (LCE), a mayor or a governor, whose projects contribute positively to the tourism industry.

The first category is open to all Filipinos who have direct or indirect contact with tourists and who may belong to one of the following: (a) travel agencies and tour operators; (b) tour guides;  (c) tourist transport (tour buses, taxis, kalesas, etc.)  (d) accommodation establishments; and (e) individual service providers that may include entrepreneurs, government employees, policemen and others who do not fall under any of the mentioned sectors.  Each individual that will be nominated  must have shown Filipino quality of hospitality; flexibility, adaptability and creativity; honesty;  professionalism; and promptness.

On the other hand, potential Tourism Star from the local chief executive (LCE/ mayors or governors) category, must have "led", headed", contributed", or "facilitated" tourism movement in their community, tourism income, and jobs creation. 
Moreover, nominees must not only be backed up by a list of tourism-related accomplishments, but also a proof of support to DOT regulatory and development functions such as preparation of local tourism office budget and work plan, enactment of local ordinances on mandatory accreditation and collection of tourism statistics, among others.  The LCE Star nominees will be judged according to institutional, promotions, planning and product development, regulatory, investments, centerpiece projects, support to DOT advocacies and best practices in tourism. 
So what's in it for the local government community of the LCE Tourism Star awardee? 
A whopping amount maximum of PhP1-M to fund a community-based tourism project proposed by the awardee (may be in the form of a training, a livelihood project, or a product development or enhancement initiative), a bronze marker to be placed  conspicuously   in his jurisdiction, free participation/booth space in a market-matched international travel fair, display of the DOT Tourism STAR logo in the LGU's website, and a trophy to be awarded by no less that President Benigno Aquino III. 

Other prizes for the awardees will be  given by the program sponsors Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), MyPhone, Duty Free Philippines (DFP), and the Technical Education Skills Development Authority  (TESDA).
Photos of the representatives are posted below.

The program will also mark a significant milestone in the DOT, as it fully implements the National Tourism Development Plan (NTDP) which leverages on public-private sector partnerships to improve competitiveness of tourism facilities and services, capacitate local government units, ensure sustainable tourism development and initiate focused marketing and promotions.

"Hopefully, the DOT's Tourism Star Philippines would not only engage more individuals and local chief executives alike to take more proactive roles in our efforts or raising competitiveness in tourism, but also in instilling in every Filipino the culture of tourism. The success or failure of tourism largely depends on how people will respond to the call of nation-building. And that the power is in the people's hand. We are, therefore, counting on their continued dedication and commitment to our bid towards achieving 10 million international arrivals and most importantly generating seven million jobs by 2016,"  the tourism chief added.

The deadline for submission of nominations is on May 31 of every year. The first awarding ceremony will  be held in September 2014, in time for the Tourism Week celebration.  President Benigno Aquino III will be conferring the award to the recipients.

So are you ready to nominate  someone who fits the categories?

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  1. This is cool. :) Will nominate my friend Majika of Coron, Palawan. Thank you for this.

  2. In all fairness DOT, they have tried their best in promoting PH and I do hope they'd keep up their good work. :D

  3. Nice work for DOT for their perseverance to find those people who are hardly promoting the beauty of our country.

  4. The Philippines has a lot to offer as a tourist destination and it could be one of our strangest income sources, but the security and cleanness has a lot to do before that starts happening...

  5. Great job for DOT. They really put a lot of effort and creating a creative way of promoting Philippines.

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