Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another Happy Place For My Girls, The Happy Barn

My daughter said, "There is so many things to be giddy about this Sunday!"

Kids are just so easy to please, but what if you have a diabetic daughter that always crave for what other kids are having.  It's easy, though expensive.  There are a lot of ways to alter table sugar, and are far healthier to, and you can easily purchase at some grocery stores and health stores but, well, as I've said they cost.

We have been attending Sunday church service for years now at New Life the Fort in Market, Market, and every Sunday my kids would anticipate eating somewhere in the area.  But for me, it's not easy, putting in mind how we can lure her away from doughnut places, restaurants serving "carb" rich menus and fast foods.

Till I heard that The Happy Barn Milkshake Factory offers sugar-free and low-sugar milkshakes, and what a delight knowing that they have opened their newest branch (stall) at Market Market.


Just needed to breathe that out.  I used to love milkshake, it used to be part of my college days rudimentary. And I thought, it's never to late to have milkshakes.

Just look at how happy Dana and Danica are with their milkshakes.


We also love the country motif of the store.  So cute!

More reasons why we should reuse our jars at home, check out these colorful filled jars.  These are just some of the mix-ins or toppings you can add on your choice of Milkshake.

We had Vanilla Thrilla with chocolate chips, Cappuccino with dark choco bits and Oreo Milkshake.
Aside from the fact that we were having happiness in a cup,  you can also be free of guilt of gaining weight won every sip.  I was told that they are using their own made milky ice creams which are 20% less sugar and 98% fat free.

I love, love how it was concocted, no shaved ice, just pure, creamy, milky goodness and bits and pieces of happy thoughts in every sip.

 Another treat to go with your milkshake is their Eggetes.  It's like a waffle but shaped differently in a cute sense.  You can have yours plain with a caramel dip or have it with something else, we had ours with cheese.

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