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LJC's New Signature Dish Launched in Celebration of Their 35th Year

I have always been smitten by how innovative the menu's are at any LJC Group of restaurants.  It was at Cafe Adriatico when my husband took me (for the first time, as opposed to having regular coffee dates) to try one of the best (if not the best) simmering cup of local chocolate, known to many us "Tsokolate Eh" or "Tsokolate Ah."  It was at Abe (the one in Serendra that I realized that fishes when deep fried can turn to butterflies - Binukadkad na Pla-Pla in the menu.  Also, in Abe where I first tried steamed rice with a full flavor that only comes from the forest, served dramatically on bamboo and cracked open right in front of you.  To know what Maria's Secret is, you must have room for their famous desserts, Claude's Dream and Sikreto ni Maria Clara.

It was again at Abe, when my crucible knowledge for gourmet spots to bring Filipino's who have been away for a long, long  time in our country's glorious cuisine, was tested.  Never did I disappoint our guest who is now heading our group Eat and Cheat Cancer and the team whom I was with to enjoy a truly Filipino hefty lunch.  Then I fell in love with their Sinigang na Bangus Belly with Ripe Guava.

With Fely J's Kitchen now on some places in Manila, Capampangan dining have never been such an ease.  No more driving for hours just to savor Pampanga's delicacies such as Camaru (crunchy toasted mole crickets), Pako  salad (forest fern sprouts), Sugpo with Kamias and Rellenong Pusit.

I have only known LJC group for only 6 years (which started with Cafe Adriatico) and just last 2012 when I came to know who LJC is when I was listed by DOT's for Kulinarya Kalayaan, a culinary event highlighting Rizal's 100th year.    The man everyone know as Larry J. Cruz, the restaurateur behind the success of The LJC Group, the man who shaped the casual dining experience of the country with his many theme restaurants and was regarded "pioneer in theme or concept restaurants" and "he who shaped the Philippine cafe society."

For the past three decades, The LJC Restaurant Group have paved the way to dishes that have captured the fancy of diners at their different restaurants.  Some of these dishes have transcended the life of the restaurants they were created for, becoming signature dishes in LJC Group.

On its 35th year, the LJC group will be offering a celebratory dish: the Garlic Pork Leg Espanole, shown on the heading of this post.   The whole pork leg given the panache of Spanish way of preparing with fried whole garlic cloves and potatoes in olive oil, which then is served with a tangy herb sauce.   The crisp outer layer with the tender perfectly cooked pork meat that has the right saltiness is perfect to highlight a celebratory dinner with family and friends.  

Back at their flagship branch, Cafe Adriatico, I was delighted to have partaken a feast from LJC.

The dinner started with Gambas al Ajillo.  It's a rich dish of shrimp in garlic infused tomato-based sauce.

Followed after with Hummus and Pita Bread.

These pickled veggies were also served together with the latter.

We were also served with a bowl of Cream of two Mushrooms, button and Shitake.
Great to have the soup with these slices of garlic bread.

Then, the queen of all the dishes came, the Garlic Pork Leg Espanole.

I love the tangy tomato and caper sauce which are greatly topped in this photo.  This is the Blue Marlin Provencale.  A simple and traditional fish dish but one that's remarkably delish and worth having for any dining occasios.

Another that caught me arguing with my self (my other self is telling me not to have this, for I'm half way full, but the stronger me said, I've got to!) is the U.S.Tederloin Steak Solana.

Make sure you have them with the house' Buttered Vegetables.

Finally, to cap the night off sweetly we had  Mango Crepes.  Flambeed fresh mango, topped with chocolate syrup. The mango gave that tartness which also  creates some pleasure even kinda remove that "umay-factor" after having all those rich dishes.  Though I'm not a crepe-person, I love the simplicity of this dessert, and what can a chocolate syrup not do to a sweet-toothed foodie like me?

All these and a whole lot more can be enjoyed at Cafe Adriatico.  The Garlic Pork Leg Espanole however can now be sampled at any LJC Group of restaurants.


GF Serendra Plaza
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Phone: 856.0526

Level M3, TriNoma
Edsa corner North Avenue
Quezon City
Phone: 901.5691

Entertainment Section
SM Mall of Asia
Bay City, Pasay City
Phone: 556.0608

Lifestyle Strip, Commerce Avenue
Alabang Town Center
623 0899 / 804 2148 / 917 550 6033

Fely J’s Kitchen

2nd Level, Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center, Makati
Phone: 728.8878 / 728.8858

Lorenzo’s Way

Ground Level, Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center, Makati
Phone: 729.0013 / 729.0047

2nd level, C2 Building,
7th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street Central
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
621 3163 / 621 3164/ 09175284206

Ang Bistro sa Remedios

1911 M. Adriatico Street
Remedios Circle, Malate
Phone: 523.9153

Cafe Adriatico

1790 M. Adriatico Street
Remedios Circle, Malate
Phone: 738.8220/514.2255

GF Gateway Mall
Araneta Center, Quezon City
Phone: 913.8736

Entertainment Section
SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City
Phone: 556.0608

Cafe Havana

GF, Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati
Phone: 757.4370 or 757.4371

Larry’s Cafe & Bar

GF Serendra Piazza
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Phone: 856.0527
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