Thursday, December 5, 2013

What's Contemporary About the Old TGI Fridays

Is there a psychological study behind why people love Friday?  What actually gives a nice ring to that day? 

Aside from the fact that it's the start of the weekend, its two days away from Monday.  It's that day when some get to see their workplace for the last time of every week, most of us also get to sleep late and watch more shows on cable and an excuse to wake up late as well on Saturday.  

Most people get that rushing feeling of having to go somewhere after work or school.  That's why TGI Fridays is that go to place for those occasions when you feel like celebrating, even if there is not really a big thing to celebrate for. 

For 48 years, T.G.I.Friday’s, our favorite casual dining restaurant, has been serving us nothing but Friday-worthy experiences on any day of the week.
 However, there is something quite noticing about TGI Friday's new branch in Greenbelt 3.  It's an all-new TGI Fridays but with a contemporary vibe to it.  As you can see they have added apple green background on their banner.  The inetrior retaining its classy ambiance have merited a new look as well withe the removal of some of the old TGIF's iconic art collections.   They have put on the heritage wall instead to keep the memories of the original TGIF alive.  Such changes includes a new logo and a whole new interior to the restaurant. This new look caters to both the hip and young, as well as to the more conservative ages. From the interiors to the vibe, expect an all-new T.G.I.Friday’s coming your way.

But always remember, "In here it's always Friday!"
With the changes made they still want to retain that theme they have always carried for all those years of serving their customers.
 Here is the heritage wall, in it's industrial chic designed brick-wall, high-lighting the historic TGIF that it is, through framed photos and prints.
 On the other side of the restaurant, you will see a wall decor made of baseball bats design to show off New York landscape, typical of the Manhattan culture, the love for baseball, sky-scrapers, and the statue of Liberty.
Added comfort were also brought in with the contempo booth seating, which definitely makes any group dining even cozier.

Is it me or is just that everyone wants to feel the heat of the kitchen and take a peek of how their meals would be prepared?  They too have incorporated an open kitchen.

Get to see where all the action happens!

One thing they did not reform was the garments of the wait-staff. I know where I can give all those pins I got as tokens from attending events.

Although they have a brand-new look, but the same old goodness is what you can expect every time you take part in their signature dishes.

Allow me to indulge this post with TGIF's drool-worthy usual favorites.

We were there for an afternoon full of hearty delights, so the usual cocktails were set side.  We had some refreshing mixed juices instead.  I had a concoction of watermelon, carrot and pineapple while Bhogs had Green Meadow, a mix of four different fruits,

Before I begin posting what we had, let me great myself a Merry, Merry Christmas!  Because it seemed liked we had an early feasting for the Christmas eve.

Friday's Three For All   Php 725.00
The first to catch on the menu is the Friday's Three For All.  A humongous platter filled with a trio of their most famous appetizers: crispy Loaded Potato Skins, chewy Fried Mozzarella and their Spicy Buffalo sided with freshly sliced celery and marinara and blue cheese dips.

Jack Daniel's Burger  Php 485.00
Jack Daniel's Burger is one of their burgers contending to be the best burger in town.  The juicy 7 oz burger, authentically seasoned and fire-grilled to order, is glazed with Jack Daniel's sauce, stacked with two strips of crispy bacon, cheese slices and the usual healthy trimmings.

The renowned and the original Jack Daniel's barbeque sauce is undeniably the legendary among all the sauces in my lifetime.  With its bitter aftertaste and a sensual caramelly and robust flavor, you would never wish for any other sauces.

Shareable Platter 2 Php 1,150
 No delaying tactics for this, one of the Shareable Platters they are right now serving for a group who wants ultimate comfort in food, specially for the carnivorous.  An order would consist of a Southwest Adobo Chicken in Chimichurri with Chili Jalapeno Sauce, battered beer Fish and Chips, and Filipino Pork Liempo.

I guess the word huge is an understatement here at Fridays.  Meet, Shareable Platter no. 3, a trio of 3 Baby back Spareribs perfectly grilled and marinated in three different ways.  Fridays is arguably the barbecue capital since time immemorial.    It doesn't end there, complement every tender and savory bite of the meat with coleslaw, french fries or onion rings.

There is another kind of the Shareable Platter, but let me break that with the All-Filipino Platter.  They just have to give in to diner's request of having a festive platter that defines Filipino taste that marries American standard.  It has Friday's Pork Adobo, their savory version of the most beloved Filipino Adobo. Pork marinated with spices and seasoning, slow cooked to fall-off-the-bone tenderness.

We never left the place without having to gratify ourselves with Mocha Mud Pie, which is a rich chocolate-almond mousse and coffee ice cream frozen in a chocolate crumb crust.   They said it was a crowd favorite and I can't agree more.

Felt soo guilty having this, for I have thought of my kids.  The lusciousness of the Brownie Obsession partly soaked with vanilla Ice Cream, drizzled with thick chocolate syrup and caramel, made me think of the best part in my life as a mom, making one for each of my kids and watching them happily gorging on this brown beauty, but of course made smaller, else they would suffer from being high on sugar.

The bolder and better T.G.I.Friday’s is not only your perfect hangout place; it’s also a good venue to celebrate your parties especially with the coming holiday season. With its big and shareable servings, you’ll run out of things to say but you’ll never run out of food to munch on.

With that in mind, it’s time to take a visit at its newest branch at Greenbelt 3 to experience the all-new T.G.I.Friday’s. You can experience Friday any day of the week.

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