Monday, December 2, 2013

Gastro Chef Christmas Calendar

Ahh, Christmas!  The best season of every year.  I can't believe how quickly this year has gone! Every year time just goes quicker and quicker, It's almost Christmas! 

Yay and Nay!

Yay, that I'll be spending more bonding moments with my family, relatives and friends.  An early gift for the whole family is having booked a special vacation house for three days in the cold and breezy Tagaytay.

Nay, that I still haven't the time to schedule a date to buy gifts, and oh I haven't even made a list yet.

But, let me just leave all my cares on that for a bit and share you something that could be a gift for yourself or for your loved ones.  A probability that it won't cost you a single penny, just that you have to have lots of luck or a whole lot of praying.

So, YEY!

Gastro Chef, the leading counterpart of every chefs in the Philippines has an early Christmas gift to us- The Gastro Chef Christmas Calendar 2013.

You may have a sort of an idea what a calendar is, but not a Christmas Calendar for sure.

So, what is Gastro Chef Christmas Calendar anyway?

The Christmas Calendar is a unique tradition in Denmark where kids can follow the countdown to Christmas Eve.  Something like a treat each day as it nears Christmas eve.   All the presents are displayed on the calendar and children get to open a little present on each day. Some are made of paper and filled with chocolate hidden behind 24 small windows allowing one piece each day until December 24. Others have small pictures behind the windows and yet others are embroidered ones with little gifts tied to them.

Now, Gastro Chef brings you this tradition to the Philippines with a fun twist! Just log on to from December 1-24 to join the Gastro Chef Christmas Calendar 2013! All you have to do is answer our question of the day and you will automatically be included in the raffle for a chance to win a special Gastro Chef product to be delivered right at your doorstep!

Here’s how you can win a special gift from Gastro Chef starting December 1-24, 2012!
1. Log on to and in there you will be redirected to the Gastro Chef Christmas Calendar URL, or you may just click on the image above.
2. Click the date today (e.g. "1" for December 1).
2. Answer our question of the day.
3. Press SEND to submit your answer.

How easy and fun is that!

Here is a poster for one of their prizes.

1. The application is valid from December 1-24, 2013.
2. Successful respondents will automatically qualify for the raffle draw.
3. Your email registration can only access 1 question per day. If unsuccessful, you can try again on the following day until December 24, 2012.
4. Lucky winner(s) will be notified via e-mail within 24 hours. They will be asked to send the details where to send the gift, etc…
5.  Winners are given until January 11, 2012 to send these details, otherwise the prize will be forfeited.
6. You may also check their website, Twitter, and Facebook account for announcement of winners and other updates.

Hurry, hurry, so you can get more entries to the Gastro Chef Christmas Calendar 2013.

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